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E04999 Petzl Headband - All styles
E04999 Petzl Headband - All styles £8.10 , Saving 10%
Universal Headband for Classic Petzl Torches.
Petzl Noctilight
Petzl Noctilight £13.50 , Saving 10%
Protective carry case to turn compact Petzl headtorches into a lantern. 85g.
Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw
Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw £18.90 , Saving 10%
Durable, ergonomic Sport climbing quickdraw. 93g.
Petzl Actik Core
Petzl Actik Core
£54.90 , Saving 10%
Simple yet powerful headtorch with rechargeable battery. 450 lumens. 75g.
Petzl Swift RL
Petzl Swift RL
£92.70 , Saving 10%
Up to 900 Lumen reactive lighting head torch for fast paced activities. 105g
Petzl Core Battery
Petzl Core Battery £27.00 , Saving 10%
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery for Petzl Hybrid torches. 23g.
Petzl Bindi
Petzl Bindi
£38.26 , Saving 10%
Ultra light headtorch for active use. 200 lumens. 35g.
Petzl Attache
Petzl Attache £14.14 , Saving 10%
Lightweight HMS with wide gate opening and safety indicator, 56g.
Petzl Pick and Spike Protection
Petzl Pick and Spike Protection £9.00 , Saving 10%
Must have for Petzl axes. 13g.
Petzl Helmet Lamp Clips (4)
Petzl Helmet Lamp Clips (4) £4.50 , Saving 10%
Helmet mount for helmets with a defined rim.
Petzl Ride Ice Axe
Petzl Ride Ice Axe £76.50 , Saving 10%
Super lightweight touring specific axe with steel head. 240g.
Petzl Ouistiti
Petzl Ouistiti £45 , Saving 10%
Children's adjustable full body harness. 410g.
Petzl Tikkina
Petzl Tikkina
£18.00 , Saving 10%
Compact headtorch for proximity lighting. 250 lumens. 81g.
Petzl Spatha
Petzl Spatha £25.66 , Saving 10%
Easy open locking knife for cutting rope, carabiner hole, 42g.
Petzl Power Crunch
Petzl Power Crunch £3.60 , Saving 10%
Pack of loose 100% chalk.
Petzl Irvis Hybrid Crampon
Petzl Irvis Hybrid Crampon £126.00 , Saving 10%
Steel front with aluminium rear crampon. 540g.
Petzl Actik
Petzl Actik
£38.26 , Saving 10%
Simple all rounder for active use. 350 lumens. 86g.
Petzl Gully
Petzl Gully £112.50 , Saving 10%
Ultra light axe with a technical shape. 280g.
Petzl Connect Adjust
Petzl Connect Adjust £37.80 , Saving 10%
Adjustable lanyard system for Sport Climbing. 125g.
Petzl Accu Swift RL
Petzl Accu Swift RL £45.00 , Saving 10%
Rechargable replacement battery for Swift RL head torch. 50g
Petzl Linkin
Petzl Linkin £10.80 , Saving 10%
Simple axe leash compatible with most axes. 25g.
Petzl Caritool
Petzl Caritool £7.20 , Saving 10%
Plastic ice screw racking crab. 25g
Petzl Power Liquid
Petzl Power Liquid £9.00 , Saving 10%
Liquid chalk for gym climbing.
Petzl Ange Finesse Quickdraw
Petzl Ange Finesse Quickdraw £17.50 , Saving 30%
Innovative lightweight Sport climbing quickdraw. 72g.
Petzl Tikkid
Petzl Tikkid
£22.50 , Saving 10%
Children's specific 20 lumen headtorch. 80g.
Petzl Tikka
Petzl Tikka
£29.70 , Saving 10%
Versatile torch for proximity and easy movement. 300 lumens. 82g.
Petzl Pandion
Petzl Pandion £40.50 , Saving 10%
Lightweight low volume harness for group use or glacier travel. 480g
Petzl Tibloc 2
Petzl Tibloc 2 £27.00 , Saving 10%
Compact and lightweight emergency ascender. 35g.
Petzl Uni Adapt
Petzl Uni Adapt £9.00 , Saving 10%
Headtorch mount adapters for any helmet.
Petzl Micro Traxion
Petzl Micro Traxion £67.50 , Saving 10%
Lightweight multi use pulley, ideal for hauling, 85g.
Petzl TakTikka Plus
Petzl TakTikka Plus
£38.26 , Saving 10%
Powerful camo/military headtorch with 3 lighting modes. 350 lumens. 85g.
Petzl Vasak Crampon
Petzl Vasak Crampon £126.00 , Saving 10%
Lightweight 12 point general mountaineering crampon. 810g.
Petzl RollClip Z Screw
Petzl RollClip Z Screw £39.16 , Saving 10%
Screwgate with integrated pulley. 105g.  
Petzl Reverso
Petzl Reverso £27.00 , Saving 10%
Lightweight, versatile belay plate with guide mode. 57g.
Petzl Oscillante
Petzl Oscillante £13.50 , Saving 10%
Swing cheeked pulley for hauling and rescue. 55g
Petzl Nao Plus Rechargeable Battery
Petzl Nao Plus Rechargeable Battery £58.50 , Saving 10%
Replacement or additional battery for the Nao Plus headtorch. 95g.
Petzl Mixed Pick for Quark/Nomic
Petzl Mixed Pick for Quark/Nomic £40.50 , Saving 10%
Replacement mixed pick for the Quark and Nomic
Petzl Ascension
Petzl Ascension £49.96 , Saving 10%
Tried and tested handled ascender. 165g.
Petzl Go 8mm
Petzl Go 8mm £5.22 , Saving 10%
Steel maillion for permanent or very secure fixings. 95g
Petzl Altitude
Petzl Altitude £76.50 , Saving 10%
Superlight but still well featured ski touring and mountaineering harness. From 150g
Petzl Fakir Crampon Bag
Petzl Fakir Crampon Bag £13.50 , Saving 10%
Tough bag for your crampons, screws or skins, 155g.
Petzl Am'D Screwgate Carabiner
Petzl Am'D Screwgate Carabiner £15.76 , Saving 10%
D-shaped locking belay crab. 70g.
Petzl Trigrest
Petzl Trigrest £13.50 , Saving 10%
Additional, adjustable handrest for fitting on most Petzl ice axes. 15g.
Petzl Summit
Petzl Summit £84.00 , Saving 30%
Lightweight classic mountaineering axe. 360g.
Petzl Glacier
Petzl Glacier £72.00 , Saving 10%
Highly capable walking and touring axe. 350g.
Petzl Picchu
Petzl Picchu
£37.5 , Saving 10%
Children's climbing and cycling helmet with enhanced side protection. Available in two colours 330g
Petzl Tour
Petzl Tour £49.50 , Saving 10%
Lightweight and well featured ski touring harness, can be donned while on skis. From 200g
Petzl Ultralight Pouch
Petzl Ultralight Pouch £22.50 , Saving 10%
Ultralight simple crampon storage. 50g