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Ortovox Since the early 90's Ortovox have been the forefront of Avalanche Safety Products. Safety Pioneers since 1980 Since they were founded in the Bavarian Alps in 1980, ORTOVOX has focused on protecting the mountains and mountain athletes. As a pioneer in the avalanche safety field, ORTOVOX has played a key role in the development of emergency equipment for mountain sports. They want to go beyond reliable, innovative emergency equipment and the best possible service. They wish to share our alpine knowledge with the mountain sports community through targeted training, and educate them to become independent, responsible mountain sports enthusiasts. Shop All Ortovox Avalanche Tranceivers The Revolutionary Ortovox Diract Voice and more. Shop Now Ortovox Avalanche Airbag Packs New LITRIC Avi bags. Shop Now The latest avi safety Ortovox Avabag Litric Tour 30 The Ortovox Avabag Litric Tour is an avalanche airbag pack featuring Ortovox's LiTRIC battery powered airbag system. The pack consists of a base which includes the back system and LiTRIC airbag components with a zip off pack. The base is compatible with any Ortovox Avabag LiTRIC tour and freeride zip attachments giving you a range of pack volumes and features. The LiTRIC electronic airbag system, is lightweight, reliable and easy to use. The electric system can be fully charged in approx. 25 minutes via USB-C and activation can be tested any number of times at no additional cost. The lack of a cartridge means more space, no weighing necessary, no cartridge disposal, no travel limitations. Supercapacitors are used instead of cartridges and the airbag is ultra-lightweight – making the system one of the lightest on the market. And the system is especially easy to use. From charging and the LED display, to the activation handle, to airbag packing and the leg loop. LiTRIC Airbags are absolutely intuitive to operate. One charge enables at least two activations. When switched on its operation time is roughly 60 hours, which allows for multi-day tours with no need for recharging. Its operating temperature ranges from -30°C to +45°C. Shop Now

Featured Products

Ortovox Diract Voice
Ortovox Diract Voice £314.10 (10% off RRP) Intuitive 3 Antenna Transceiver with voice prompts and rechargeable Li battery. 210g
Ortovox Diract
Ortovox Diract £269.10 (10% off RRP) Intuitive 3 antenna transceiver with rechargeable Li battery. 210g
Ortovox Haute Route 40
Ortovox Haute Route 40 £171.00 (10% off RRP) Large well featured ski touring pack or multi day tours with comfortable carry system 1510g
Ortovox Avabag Litric Tour 30
Ortovox Avabag Litric Tour 30 £945.00 (10% off RRP) Electronic LiTRIC Airbag system with modular zip on pack features. 2410g
Ortovox Rescue Set Diract Voice Light
Ortovox Rescue Set Diract Voice Light £405.00 (10% off RRP) Avy safety set including Transceiver with voice directions.
Ortovox Alu 240 Light
Ortovox Alu 240 Light £49.50 (10% off RRP) Lightweight, quick assembly probe. 235g.
Ortovox Ravine 34
Ortovox Ravine 34 £189.00 (10% off RRP) Technical ski touring / mountaineering pack with innovative features. 980g