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Big Agnes Boundary Deluxe Pillow
Big Agnes Boundary Deluxe Pillow £46.75 (15% off RRP) Packable, soft feel, inflatable camping pillow. 88g
Nemo Fillo
Nemo Fillo £40.49 (10% off RRP) Compact inflatable pillow with washable cover. 260g
Thermarest Synergy Lite Sheet
Thermarest Synergy Lite Sheet £46.75 (15% off RRP) Comfortable sleeping mat sheet for a variety of mats. 80g
Thermarest Stellar Blanket
Thermarest Stellar Blanket £80.75 (15% off RRP) Packable alternative or addition to your sleeping bag. 612g.
Thermarest Compressible Pillow Cinch
Thermarest Compressible Pillow Cinch £22.10 (15% off RRP) Comfortable and compressible foam filled pillows. From 210g
Thermarest Synergy Luxe Sheet
Thermarest Synergy Luxe Sheet £55.25 (15% off RRP) Super soft feel sleeping mat covers. 340g
Thermarest Synergy Lite Coupler
Thermarest Synergy Lite Coupler £55.25 (15% off RRP) Join two Thermarest mats together with this comfortable sheet kit. 170g
Thermarest Air Head Down Pillow
Thermarest Air Head Down Pillow £63.76 (15% off RRP) Very packable inflatable pillow with soft down filled top. From 140g
Thermarest Honcho Poncho
Thermarest Honcho Poncho £93.50 (15% off RRP) Comfortable and warm blanket / poncho. 690g
Thermarest Synergy Luxe Coupler
Thermarest Synergy Luxe Coupler £59.50 (15% off RRP) Turn two Thermarest mats into a luxurious double bed with this coupler kit. 600g
Thermarest Air Head Pillow
Thermarest Air Head Pillow £45.05 (15% off RRP) Inflatable pillow with soft brushed outer. From 158g
Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Pillow
Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Pillow £29.75 (15% off RRP) Lightweight, deluxe pillow. 79g
Thermarest Argo Blanket
Thermarest Argo Blanket £89.26 (15% off RRP) Insulated 2 person blanket. Use on its own in summer or to add warmth in Winter. 720g
Thermarest Lumbar Pillow
Thermarest Lumbar Pillow £31.45 (15% off RRP) Supportive pillow for the lower spine, self inflating, 120g.
Sea To Summit Foam Core Pillows
Sea To Summit Foam Core Pillows £27.20 (15% off RRP) Up-Cycled foam filled luxury pillow. 220g
Thermarest Trekker Pillow Case
Thermarest Trekker Pillow Case £16.15 (15% off RRP) Packable and soft travel pillow case. 65g.