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Tuning Tools

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Dakine Super Tune Kit
Dakine Super Tune Kit £102.00 , Saving 15%
The ultimate ski tuning kit including an iron.
Dakine Deluxe Tune Kit
Dakine Deluxe Tune Kit £55.25 , Saving 15%
Comprehensive ski and board tuning kit.
Dakine Tuning Iron
Dakine Tuning Iron £34.00 , Saving 15%
Set your skis or board up perfectly with this compact waxing iron.
Dakine BC Tool
Dakine BC Tool £21.25 , Saving 15%
Folding multi tool with ski / snowboard specific tools.
Coll Tex Skin + Ski Wax
Coll Tex Skin + Ski Wax £18.00
Fast application wax for skins and skis providing smooth gliding.
Dakine Edge Tuner Tool
Dakine Edge Tuner Tool £14.45 , Saving 15%
The easiest way to sharpen and adjust your edges.
Dakine Brass Tuning Brush
Dakine Brass Tuning Brush £12.76 , Saving 15%
Pre-wax brush removes excess wax and also smooths after waxing.
Dakine Cool Lock
Dakine Cool Lock £12.76 , Saving 15%
Combination lock for securing skis in dodgier areas.
Black Diamond Glop Stopper Wax
Black Diamond Glop Stopper Wax £9.90 , Saving 10%
Specialist wax to prevent skins soaking up wet snow.
Dakine Torque Driver
Dakine Torque Driver £9.35 , Saving 15%
Compact ratchet screwdriver with 6 bits.
Dakine 10 Inch Scraper
Dakine 10 Inch Scraper £6.80 , Saving 15%
Perfect for removing wax from snowboards and skis.