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Petzl Mini Traxion
Petzl Mini Traxion £93.50 (15% off RRP) Easy to use progress capture. 150g
Petzl Nano Traxion
Petzl Nano Traxion £68.00 (15% off RRP) Ultralight progress capture pulley for rescue. 53g
Petzl Ascension
Petzl Ascension £51.00 (15% off RRP) Tried and tested handled ascender. 165g.
DMM Mantis Shadow HMS Belay Set
DMM Mantis Shadow HMS Belay Set £31.49 (10% off RRP) Excellent beginner belay set. 176g
Black Diamond ATC-XP
Black Diamond ATC-XP £18.70 (15% off RRP) Popular all round belay device, 64g.
Petzl Oscillante
Petzl Oscillante £15.31 (15% off RRP) Swing cheeked pulley for hauling and rescue. 55g
Petzl Tibloc 2
Petzl Tibloc 2 £32.29 (15% off RRP) Compact and lightweight emergency ascender. 35g.
Petzl Reverso
Petzl Reverso £28.90 (15% off RRP) Lightweight, versatile belay plate with guide mode. 57g.
Petzl Verso
Petzl Verso £20.40 (15% off RRP) Versatile belay plate with broad rope diameter range. 55g.
Petzl Torse
Petzl Torse £18.70 (15% off RRP) Shoulder straps for positioning an ascender. 90g
Black Diamond Super 8
Black Diamond Super 8 £15.30 (15% off RRP) The classic abseil device, 87g