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Crevasse Rescue

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Black Diamond Ultralight Ice Screw
Black Diamond Ultralight Ice Screw £64.80 , Saving 10%
Ultralight screws keeping it seriously alpine. Available in 3 lengths.  
Petzl Laser Speed Light Ice Screw
Petzl Laser Speed Light Ice Screw £56.63 , Saving 25%
Lightweight aluminium screw with steel teeth for fast placements, 91g.
Black Diamond Express Ice Screw
Black Diamond Express Ice Screw £46.80 , Saving 10%
Probably the best ice screw in the world. 13, 16 or 19cm, 134-159g.
Wild Country Ropeman 2
Wild Country Ropeman 2 £45.00 , Saving 10%
Rope ascender for use on rope 8.5 - 13mm diameter, 92g.
Wild Country Ropeman 1
Wild Country Ropeman 1 £40.50 , Saving 10%
Multi use ascender for use with 10-11mm ropes.
Petzl Laser Ice screw
Petzl Laser Ice screw £37.87 , Saving 25%
Strong steel screw with ergonomically shaped Aluminium hanger, 120g.
Petzl RollClip Z Screw
Petzl RollClip Z Screw £37.34 , Saving 10%
Screwgate with integrated pulley. 105g.  
Petzl Tibloc 2
Petzl Tibloc 2 £26.10 , Saving 10%
Compact and lightweight emergency ascender. 35g.
DMM Revolver Screwgate
DMM Revolver Screwgate £24.29 , Saving 10%
Unique screwgate, integrated pulley wheel, reduces drag and aids rescue set ups, 64g.
Petzl Fixe
Petzl Fixe £18.44 , Saving 10%
Fixed sided pulley for hauling and rescue. 90g
Lyon Nylon Sling
Lyon Nylon Sling £3.42 , Saving 10%
20cm - 240 cm. Hard Wearing Slings.
Beal Accessory Cord
Beal Accessory Cord £0.22 , Saving 12%
Lightweight cord for a variety of uses. 2-7mm diameters