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Leatherman build and manufacture all of their tools in Portland, Oregon. And when it's time to put their tools through their paces, they test them in the great Pacific Northwest. From hiking in the rugged Cascade Mountains, fishing off of the beautiful Oregon coast, or exploring the high desert in the east, they ensure their tools are reliable for any adventure or task, big or small.

The brand name is synonymous with quality and innovation and is the world leader in multi-tools. We offer free Leatherman Engraving on most tools. All are backed by the Leatherman 25 year warranty.


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Leatherman Charge + G10
Leatherman Charge + G10
£206.95 , Saving 10%
Versatile multi-tool with durable thermoset plastic grip. 235g
Leatherman MUT EOD Black
Leatherman MUT EOD Black £191.96 , Saving 20%
Specific for Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel.
Leatherman MUT Black Utility
Leatherman MUT Black Utility £179.96 , Saving 20%
Specialist Military Utility Tool for maintaining your firearm.
Leatherman Free P4
Leatherman Free P4 £169.94
Multi purpose foldable pliers with magnetic tool lock. 244g
Leatherman Tread Metric Black DLC
Leatherman Tread Metric Black DLC £159.96 , Saving 20%
Hardened steel bracelet incorporating a range of small metric tools. 168g
Leatherman Charge +
Leatherman Charge + £151.96 , Saving 20%
Aluminium handled version of the Wave with high grade steel blade. 18 tools. 235g.
Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2 £144.95
Multi tool with magnetic tool lock. 215g
Leatherman Tread Metric
Leatherman Tread Metric £135.96 , Saving 20%
Hardened steel bracelet incorporating a range of small metric tools. 168g
Leatherman Surge Black
Leatherman Surge Black £135.96 , Saving 20%
Super-durable workmans tool in black finish.
Leatherman Signal
Leatherman Signal £127.96 , Saving 20%
Full size tool specifically for the outdoor enthusiast. 212g.
Leatherman Surge
Leatherman Surge £119.96 , Saving 20%
Top of the range heavy duty tool. For DIY and trades.
Leatherman Crunch
Leatherman Crunch £115.96 , Saving 20%
Locking pliers for the specialist.
Leatherman Wave + Black
Leatherman Wave + Black £111.96 , Saving 20%
Leatherman's most popular Multi-Tool with a matte black coating. 17 tools. 241g. 
Leatherman Wave +
Leatherman Wave + £107.96 , Saving 20%
Leatherman's most popular Multi-Tool. 17 tools. 241g
Leatherman Wave Heritage
Leatherman Wave Heritage £103.96 , Saving 20%
The classic tool in a classic heritage sheath. 241g.
Leatherman Wave
Leatherman Wave £103.96 , Saving 20%
Leathermans most popular Multi-Tool. 241g
Leatherman Skeletool CX
Leatherman Skeletool CX £103.96 , Saving 20%
Lightweight with Carbon inserts and hard steel blade, 142g.
Leatherman Skeletool RX
Leatherman Skeletool RX £95.96 , Saving 20%
Lightweight and minimalist tool for Emergency Services. 142g.
Leatherman SuperTool 300
Leatherman SuperTool 300 £87.96 , Saving 20%
One of the toughest Leathermans, ideal for any toolbox.
Leatherman Juice CS4
Leatherman Juice CS4 £83.96 , Saving 20%
Whitby Sharpener
Pocket sized functionality ideal for the camper.
Leatherman Rebar Black
Leatherman Rebar Black £79.96 , Saving 20%
Compact military tool with out compromising flexibility, 190g.
Leatherman Skeletool
Leatherman Skeletool £75.96 , Saving 20%
Light and minimalistic tool, 142g.
Leatherman Raptor
Leatherman Raptor £75.96 , Saving 20%
Medical grade sheers with Strap cutter and more, 164g.
Leatherman Knifeless Rebar
Leatherman Knifeless Rebar £75.96 , Saving 20%
Knifeless version of the classic tool - ideal for a workplace environment. 189g.
Leatherman Free T4
Leatherman Free T4 £74.95
Folding blade with multiple tools and magnetic locking. 122g
Leatherman Rebar
Leatherman Rebar £67.96 , Saving 20%
Classic leatherman design with multiple tool selection, 190g.
Leatherman Wingman Nylon Sheath
Leatherman Wingman Nylon Sheath £55.96 , Saving 20%
Every day carry Leatherman multitool. 14 tools. 198g.
Leatherman Sidekick
Leatherman Sidekick £55.96 , Saving 20%
Compact every day carry tool with carabiner clip. 15 tools
Leatherman Free T2
Leatherman Free T2 £49.94
Foldable blade with screwdriver tools and magnetic lock. 93g
Leatherman Squirt PS4
Leatherman Squirt PS4 £39.96 , Saving 20%
Scissors as well as pliers plus more tools, great for travel and the outdoors.
Leatherman Squirt ES4
Leatherman Squirt ES4 £39.96 , Saving 20%
Wire strippers in various gauges and scissors.
Leatherman Rev
Leatherman Rev £39.96 , Saving 20%
Choice of 12 everday tools with outside accessible blade, 168g.
Leatherman Style PS
Leatherman Style PS £31.96 , Saving 20%
Compact 8 piece tool without a blade.
Leatherman Skeletool KBx
Leatherman Skeletool KBx £31.96 , Saving 20%
Locking knife with combination blade and bottle opener. 37g.
Leatherman Skeletool KB
Leatherman Skeletool KB £31.96 , Saving 20%
Lightweight locking knife with bottle opener. 37g.
Leatherman Micra
Leatherman Micra £31.96 , Saving 20%
Iconic Leatherman tool with super spring-action scissors, 51g.
LT27 Additional Bit Kit
LT27 Additional Bit Kit £23.96 , Saving 20%
42 bits for Leatherman Bit Driver & LT26
LT26 Bit Driver Kit
LT26 Bit Driver Kit £23.96 , Saving 20%
Can be used with 10 Leatherman tools, fits onto Philips driver.
Leatherman Z-Rex
Leatherman Z-Rex £23.96 , Saving 20%
Compact emergency webbing cutter & glass breaker, 44g.
Leatherman Style CS
Leatherman Style CS £23.96 , Saving 20%
Pocket size tool, with spring-action scissors.
Leatherman Juice B2
Leatherman Juice B2 £23.96 , Saving 20%
Small tool with a straight blade and a serrated blade. 37g.
LT24 Bit Driver Extension
LT24 Bit Driver Extension £18.36 , Saving 20%
Extend your Bit Driver and get to those awkward places - 8.25cm.
Leatherman Black Nylon Pouch with Pockets LP30
Leatherman Black Nylon Pouch with Pockets LP30 £15.16 , Saving 20%
Nylon Pouch with accessory pockets. 2 Sizes.
Leatherman Sand Nylon Pouch LP260
Leatherman Sand Nylon Pouch LP260 £15.16 , Saving 20%
Tough MOLLE pouch for Charge +, OHT, Rebar, Skeletool, Surge, SuperTool, Wave and Wave +.
Leatherman Nylon Pouch LP360. MUT, SuperTool & Surge.
Leatherman Nylon Pouch LP360. MUT, SuperTool & Surge. £15.16 , Saving 20%
Sand coloured pouch for Super Tool 300, MUTs and Surge.
Leatherman Pouch LP350. MUT, SuperTool & Surge
Leatherman Pouch LP350. MUT, SuperTool & Surge £15.16 , Saving 20%
Black MOLLE pouch for MUTs, Supertools and Surge
Leatherman leather Pouch for Wave and Wave + LP650
Leatherman leather Pouch for Wave and Wave + LP650 £15.16 , Saving 20%
Tough leather pouch for Wave & Wave +
Leatherman Heritage Sheath
Leatherman Heritage Sheath £14.36 , Saving 20%
Classic premium leather sheath in 4 sizes.