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Petzl Meteor
Petzl Meteor £72.25 (15% off RRP) Lightweight Climbing, Mountaineering and Ski Touring helmet. 240g.
Petzl Picchu
Petzl Picchu £49.30 (15% off RRP) Children's climbing and cycling helmet with enhanced side protection. Available in two colours 330g
Black Diamond Vapor Helmet
Black Diamond Vapor Helmet £127.50 (15% off RRP) An amazingly light climbing helmet at just 186g.
Petzl Boreo
Petzl Boreo £52.70 (15% off RRP) Durable fully hard shell climbing helmet. 330g
Petzl Meteora
Petzl Meteora £72.25 (15% off RRP) Women's specific fit climbing & ski touring helmet. 225g
Black Diamond Capitan Helmet
Black Diamond Capitan Helmet £59.50 (15% off RRP) Super durable hardshell climbing helmet, still very lightweight. 295g
Mammut Helmet Holder
Mammut Helmet Holder £12.76 (15% off RRP) Handy addition to any mountaineering pack. 60g.
Petzl Helmet Lamp Clips (4)
Petzl Helmet Lamp Clips (4) £4.25 (15% off RRP) Helmet mount for helmets with a defined rim.
Black Diamond Capitan Kids
Black Diamond Capitan Kids £51.00 (15% off RRP) Kids helmet certified for climbing and cycling. 358g
Petzl Helmet Clip Adaptable Wide
Petzl Helmet Clip Adaptable Wide £8.51 (15% off RRP) Helmet mount for helmets without a defined rim.