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Petzl Compact Headlamp Pouch
    Petzl Compact Headlamp Pouch
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    The Petzl Poche is a hard foam case that protects your Tikka, Zipka or TacTikka head torch from knocks and scratches. A zip closure keeps your torch safe and easy to access.

    Petzl Poche Features

    • Protects headlamps from impact and scratches
    • Can be worn attached to a belt, webbing strap or clipped on a carabiner
    • Spare batteries can be carried with the lamp
    • Perfect for holding other small items
    • Compatible all Petzl Compact headlamps from Tikkina, Tikka, Zipka and TacTikka ranges.

    Customer Reviews of Petzl Compact Headlamp Pouch

    Petzl Compact Headlamp Pouch Review
    Verified Buyer

    MUCH bigger than I expected and far too big for a Zipka. I've got one of the original cases (which looks the same in a photo) which holds a 15 year old Zipka and the original is about half the size of this one. This case can comfortably hold two Zipkas at the same time so isn't really suitable.

    The additional space probably makes it much easier to get a Tikka's headband in so I wouldn't rule it out for other head torches than mine - just disappointed that its listed as compatible with a torch which its so unsuitable for.

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