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Petzl Core Battery
    Petzl Core Battery
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    • Petzl Core Battery

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    The Petzl Core battery is a high capacity rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which is compatible with all Petzl hybrid torches. It is recharged directly through the integrated USB port and includes an indicator light showing the remaining burn time.

    Compatible Torches are: Actik & Actik Core, Tactikka+, Tactikka+ RGB, Tactikka, Tikka, Zipka and Tikkina.

    Please note: previous generation Petzl headtorches are not compatible with the Core battery.

    Battery Performance on Petzl Hybrid Torches

    When using AAA batteries the light will gradually dim, so despite the long burn times the light level is not constant and you're likely to want to change the batteries well before the given burn times is reached. When using the Core battery Petzl's hybrid torches act like a regulated lamp giving you a constant light level for the specified burn time. The Core battery is more economical for frequent and intensive use but requires charging. The AAA batteries are better for occasional and less critical use.

    Burn times vary between torch models.

    Petzl Core Features

    • Simple universal charging via the USB port
    • Charge indicator on the battery
    • Indicator light for remaining burn time
    • Performs well at low temperatures
    • Compatible with all Petzl Hybrid headtorches
    Recharge time:
    1250 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery

    Customer Reviews of Petzl Core Battery

    Petzl Core Battery Review
    Verified Buyer

    I already had a petzl aktic headtorch and it's excellent. I realised the core battery would be a good idea - no more dead batteries to dispose of, better performance and a weight saving too.

    The core is nice and neat, easy to charge with wee green and red lights to tell you what the charge status is. The usb seems to be the same as other USB - mini usb cables so not specific to the battery, a good detail if you manage to mislay it.

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    Petzl Core Battery Review
    Martin H
    Verified Buyer
    S Wales

    Doing your bit for the planet has never been so easy – the Core rechargeable battery fits into the headtorch mountings nice and easily between the part attached to the elastic headband and the LED assembly, so it adds a tiny bit of volume to the whole thing. That said, the greater bulk is barely noticeable and of course it saves you the weight of 3 AAA batteries so the overall difference feels negligible, beyond having something you can charge at the convenience of your PC or even (with the right adapter) from the lighter socket in the car while on your way to the hills to do something a bit more interesting.

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    Petzl Core Battery Review
    Tim Chalmers
    Verified Buyer
    Jannali, NSW

    Bought it as a spare so when on multi-day trips I would still be OK. It is a breeze to charge, and very easy to swap the batteries in the Petzl Tikka 2 XP Core, takes about 10 seconds.

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    Petzl Core Battery Review
    richard heard
    Verified Buyer
    bolton, lancs

    This is a great item. It's new, so sadly I cannot comment on longevity after many charging cycles, but at the moment - it's holding its charge well. The pay off for the Core is that it adds a bit of bulk to the head-torch. I'm using a Tikka XP2 which barely fit into the little Petzl pod case anyway, with the Core - it just doesn't fit at all. You could get away with forcing it in a few times, but the zip won't hold out too long if you do. Luckily, I had a bigger case going spare which holds the torch, lead and a spare set of batteries (because I'm a bloke, and everything comes in useful one day - so lets have none of this throwing it away nonsense. And yes, I've kept the pod case).

    Extra bulk aside, it'll save a fortune in Duracells which is good for planet and pocket.

    Facewest, as always, brilliant to deal with. Happy New Year !

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