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Petzl V Link
    Petzl V Link
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    The Petzl V-Link is a simple swivelling leash perfect for securing your axes to your harness when climbing without wrist leashes. One end larks foots into the belay loop of your harness, this is then attached via a swivel to two thing, elasticated arms. These clip through the hole in the axe spike with 2 aluminium snap gate connectors.

    The great thing about the swivel is that you can cross your tools over without getting in a tangle. The elasticated arms easily keep up with your movements and are strong enough to stop your axe should you drop it.

    Petzl V-Link Features

    • 2 very thin elastic arms
    • Aluminium connectors
    • Captive connectors are easy to manipulate when wearing gloves
    • Swivel keeps the two arms from tangling

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