Leatherman Multi Tools

Leatherman Full Sized Tools

The classic Leatherman range - these are the largest tools Leatherman produce. Designed to live in a pocket or in the included leather and nylon pouches, they feature a range of tools suitable for almost every user.

Leatherman Pocket Tools

The Leatherman Pocket Range is ideal for every day use and comes in a range of colours and sizes. The pocket range also features tools which are appropriate for more recreational users including a corkscrew but still features Leatherman's 25 year warranty and legendary build quality.

Leatherman Keyring Tools

The Leatherman Keyring Range varies from very small to absolutely tiny and is designed to provide you with the bare essentials in a package you never need to leave behind. Options include scissors, pliers, high quality knives and other tools all backed with Leatherman's 25 year warranty.

Leatherman Military Range

The Leatherman Military Range is a collection of Leatherman's toughest tools in a a matte black finish. The tools themselves are of Leatherman's usual high quality and feature a full 25 year warranty. Also included in this category are the highly specialist MUT tools designed as the ultimate companion for weapon field maintenance.

Leatherman Pouches

We stock a range of Leather and Nylon pouches for the Leatherman Tools.

Leatherman Tool Adapters, Bit Kits & Sharpeners

The Leatherman Bit Kits & Sharpeners are designed to extend the usefulness of your Leatherman tool. The Bit Kits massively extend the range of screwdriver bits available on the tool whilst sharpeners help keep your knife blade razor sharp.

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