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DMM Spire
    DMM Spire
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    The DMM Spire is a light and durable winter walking, ski touring and general mountaineering axe. The simple straight shaft design is ideal for winter walking and less technical days out. It plunges well into deep snow for support on steep angles and is available in a range of lengths to suit your height.

    The toothed steel pick has a technical profile and is narrow at the tip for secure anchoring on hard ice whilst the stainless steel spike will penetrate hard snow well. The adze is designed to give a comfortable supporting surface whilst being able to cut efficiently and the head and spike are equipped with holes for clipping a carabiner or attaching a sling. This is the perfect axe for skiing on glaciers and steep slopes.

    DMM Spire Features

    • High quality and lightweight steel pick and adze
    • High quality robust yet lightweight aluminium shaft
    • B rated pick and shaft
    352g (55cm)

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