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Ortovox Badger Shovel
    Ortovox Badger Shovel
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    The Ortovox Badger is a midweight hardened aluminium shovel ideal as a all round backcountry/touring bit of kit. The blade has a large volume of 2.5 litres and a robust centre ridge for excellent rigidity. The edge is sharpened to allow you to cut through hard snow with non slip ridges for safety and ease when shovelling hard. The T handle is suitable for left and right handers and gives good power transmission. There's also a centering aid in the shaft socket making it easy to quickly click the handle in to the blade.

    Ortovox Badger Features

    • Hybrid grip
    • Non-slip step grooves
    • High sidewalls and pronounced center ridge
    • Shaft designed for rapid assembly
    28 x 21 x 4cm

    Customer Reviews of Ortovox Badger Shovel

    Ortovox Badger Shovel Review
    Verified Buyer

    Good value Shovel... My only niggle would be that it's quite easy to get the handle in the wrong way as the handle is different each side but not a major issue.

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    Ortovox Badger Shovel Review
    Verified Buyer

    I am a regular off-piste skier, and I bought this Badger shovel as part of my avalanche kit. I'm not interested in building kickers next to the piste - so ease of use and low weight were my priorities in choosing this shovel.

    The shovel is easy to assemble with gloves-on, and is effective at moving snow. The handle is a good length which means it's not too tiring to use, and the contour of the blade makes the whole snow-moving process much easier than other shovels I've used. It's very cost effective - being badged as the 'value' member of the Ortovox range. Other than that, there's not much to say - it's an effective yet essential part of the transceiver-shovel-probe combo.

    The only negative points to this relate to the pronounced areas at the sides of the cutting-edge of the blade. Where mostshovels have a 'clean' blade, I am concerned that over time the shape of the blade will wear-out my backpack. Having said that, the likelihood of this being a problem in real-life are very small. It's not the lightest shovel available on the market - but by the time you've put a bottle of water and a sandwich in your pack, it's very unlikely that the weight will be noticeable to any except the professional ski-mountaineer, racing up the hill on skins with just the bare-essentials...

    Overall, this is a cost-effective, efficient, and easy-to-use shovel.

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