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Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle

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    Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle

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    Full Description

    The Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle is a useful and versatile bottle made from super-tough Tritan Copolyester. The wide mouth makes cleaning easy and also allows use of the bottle for drinks, ice, soups, stews and leftover food. The 63mm opening will also screw onto MSR and other water filter systems.

    Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle features

    • Extremely durable
    • Resistant to staining
    • Resistant to retaining odours
    • Recommended for "extreme" adventures
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Withstands temperatures from -40°F to 212°F
    • Recyclable
    • Tritan does not contain BPA
    1 Litre


    4.88/5 Stars out of 49 Reviewx
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    Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle Review
    Roy Lofthouse
    Bought this to go with my Katadyn Vario water filter and it fits a treat. I've always gone with Nalgene water bottles as they are very strong and last me years. This ones also dish washer safe so it sames me washing it :) The blue is a great colour too.
    Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle Review
    It is carries the perfect amount of water for one full day of outdoor activities. It is also very hardy against the abuse of rough handling and butter fingers.
    Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle Review
    Anthony Jackson
    This is my second bottle of this type after my daughter nicked my first. I'm using it for a backpacking trip to India in October. A good size for backpacking, very robust and doesn't taint the water. I also purchased a pre filter from the States that filters out sediment etc prior to treatment, a shame that Facewest don't stock it (hint hint) as I'm sure a lot of users would take advantage of it. In all a bulletproof design that lasts and lasts.
    Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle Review
    oliver millington
    I've actively tried to destroy my Nalgene and can't. I've used it to hammer in tent pegs, and bent the tent pegs. My climbing partner asked if I had any water up there from the bottom of the crag, so I dropped it down (approx 30m) onto the rocks below and it just bounced. Ok it looks a bit battered but that's a sign that you're a real outdoor type. Practically, the wide bottle opening is really useful, it means you can fit water filters in and also pack things into it when you're travelling or if you need to use it as a waterproof case for a phone or similar. It also makes it easier to get a scrubbing brush in for cleaning. It can take on a damp smell if water is kept in it for a very long time, but if you clean it and leave it in direct sunlight this goes away. Mine has never leaked on me so is about as good as it gets with water bottles. The only slight downside is because the bottle neck is so wide, it can splash water out when you're trying to drink from it in cars or on the bus etc. This can be solved by getting hold of a splashguard, a little plastic bit that can go in the end shaped as a mouthpiece. All in all, pretty silly to choose something else, just try not to loose it. . .
    Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle Review
    Nikolaos Todoulos
    I have used Nalgene bottles in all my expeditions in the world. Its the best water bottle you can use. Robust almost unbreakable. Wide mouth helps you get a greater feel taking away your thirst. This version (BPA free) even better than the old one since you can leave the bottle in the sun or even put hot water in without altering the taste and most important without having the harmful plastic substances in the water. Also great for putting isotonic drinks without any leftovers in the taste. Plus (for male backpackers) can be easily used as a pee bottle for inside the tent. Great colors for all the family as well.
    Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle Review
    Dickie Shaw
    I bought this Nalgene Triton wide mouthed bottle in blue from Facewest a couple of weeks ago. I also use a Camelbak Tritan bottle (with the ââ "šÂ¬Ã‹Å“flip, bite and sip' spout) which is comparable, although I find the Nalgene screw top far more secure and there is no risk of spillage when carried around in a daysack . The cap can't get lost as it is permanently attached to the neck. These bottles retain no odour, has no plastic smell and is resistant to staining. The wide mouth is great for filling from taps although you do have to take care when drinking in order to avoid sloshing it all over you. The Nalgene Easy Sipper is a good preventative solution for this. Perhaps my only criticism would be that the circumference of the bottle is large, so children, elderly or those with small hands may struggle a little, and it also is too wide for some cup-holders found in cars. In summary the bottle is fantastic and thoroughly recommended for camping, trekking, sports activities or the daily commute.
    Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle Review
    This is my main drinking bottle for every day use. I was looking for a BPA free bottle of a sturdy construction and these always had the best reviews. The bottle has lived up to its reputation, taking a number of drops and knocks. It's easily washable and a great shape, but is a bit tricky to drink out of on the move or in a car as the mouth is really wide. I'm tempted to get the drinking spout for mine. Other than that, an excellent bottle!
    Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle Review
    I own both the wide mouth and narrow mouth bottles, preferring the narrow mouth out of the two for drinking and the wide mouth for using with a filter. I have a friend who use a wide mouth with a Steripen and swears by it. The wide mouth is handy to use as a pre filter for any water filter, simply filter the water from source through some cloth to remove sediment and then pump from this into a bottle easier to drink out of. This is what I do when I have the room in my bag. The bottle is made of strong stuff indeed I've dropped mine loads and it's still standing strong. I'd recommend this bottle a lot more if it came with the drinking spout as part of the sale.
    Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle Review
    Lee Beresford
    The main reason for purchasing this bottle was its renound reputation for being indestructible and its wide mouth allowing me to store other things inside it when not in use. I am planning on taking this bottle with be on my Everest Base Camp trek in March along with a Platypus Platy Softbottle. The advantage of the Nalgene bottle is that it is much easier to fill from streams and other water sources and is ideal for using with water purification methods. I would highly recommend this bottle and will definitely be purchasing another one in the near future.
    Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle Review
    David Gladwish
    I bought this bottle for high altitude mountaineering, where the wide rim is essential to reduce the risk of the mouth piece from freezing over. It also makes adding sachets, flavourings etc. a breeze, and is great for hygiene purposes seeing as you can actually get a brush in there to clean it out at the end of the day. Structurally, it's as tough as they claim it to be, if not stronger. The volume markings on the side are a nice little touch, and help monitor water intake more accurately. I also love that the lid is securely attached, having lost several bottle caps to my frustration in the outdoors before. Highly recommend.