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Platypus Platy 2L Bottle

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    Platypus Platy 2L Bottle

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    Full Description

    The Platypus Platy 2L Bottle is the original bottle from Platypus and is still one of their best sellers. The great thing about these bottles is that they collapse to virtually nothing and weigh 80% less than a hard bottle, and the 2Litre capacity enables the Platy to be used as either a reservoir around camp or as a drinks bottle when on the move.

    The Platy is BPA free and also tasteless but one of the great things is the durability of such a light bottle. They can withstand temperatures from freezing right up to boiling. Enabling you to store it in the freezer when not in use to prevent mildew and to sterilise it in boiling water.

    Platypus Platy 2L Bottle Features

    • Film Nylon / Polyethylene
    • Spout material Polyethylene
    • Cap material Polypropylene
    2 Litres
    35 x 19cm


    4.71/5 Stars out of 17 Reviews
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    Platypus Platy 2L Bottle Review
    Stuart Luckman
    These water bottles aren't cheap but anyone who's suffered the misery of having all their kit soaked will not think twice about investing in one. The reason for the price tag is the robustness and quality of the materials used which give you a light water bottle that, when empty, folds down to almost nothing and when full is practically indestructible. The boast is that you can drive a car over a Platypus without it breaking or leaking and I can believe it. So, if you want a safe water carrier, that allows you to chuck your bergan around without worrying, platypus is the one for you.
    Platypus Platy 2L Bottle Review
    I bought one of these to use instead of a Big Zip for those ultralight or day trips. The Platy bottle is really handy as it packs away to nothing (almost)and weighs nearly as much! It can be a little tricky to clean, but for me the weight and pack size out weighs this. Another excellent Platypus product in my opinion.
    Platypus Platy 2L Bottle Review
    I was very nearly castrated when my wife found out I had spent this much on a bottle for camping, and I can sort of understand why she would think like that. However, this bottle is worth every penny. They are completely bombproof, and I use it with a Source Convertatube attachment that turns it into a hands free hydration bladder. It can easily be detached from this to pour into a stove for cooking etc. I hate spending money on water filters, so I boil all of my water on site should I run out. This bottle takes boiling water really well, so as soon as I've finished my cup of tea, I'm ready to go! Please note though, if you're using a frameless bag, and you put just boiled water in the back of it, be prepared for a major sweat session. Although, this is obviously pretty great in cold weather!
    Platypus Platy 2L Bottle Review
    Great item. Can't go wrong with Platy bottles. The 2L is quite a large bottle (i. e. too big for most rucksacks' external side mesh pockets) but a quality item for lightweight carry of lots of water. Dimensions of bottle (without water) are width 19cms, height 33cms (add 2cms to incl neck). Made of good strong plastic it also has a gusseted base meaning it can stand up unsupported when full of liquid. Lid makes a nice sound seal. Would be nice to see it joined to the bottle somehow (and therefore not so potentially easy to lose) but overall not an issue. Would definitely recommend this item to a friend.
    Platypus Platy 2L Bottle Review
    I bought this recently from Facewest and absolutely love it. It's great to have a bottle that doesn't take up a 2ltr space when it's part full or empty. It seems really sturdy with no leakages or punctures so far and it's taken quite a bashing. Oh and it's super lightweight too! My only niggle is that the lid is a bit cheap looking and feeling, and could be easily lost. Otherwise it's perfect! Buy, buy, buy!
    Platypus Platy 2L Bottle Review
    I have had mine for 4 years now, still going strong. Very lightweight and packs down to nothing. Material durable, without doubt. Only downside is that since it is flexible/soft, it is difficult to fill up properly in the outdoors. Also, a wide mouth opening would be better since it would connect directly to any waterfilters.
    Platypus Platy 2L Bottle Review
    Just a great simple product. Very lightweight, durable and compact with good capacity. Leaves no taste in water and is very durable and resistant. Comes in many different sizes so you can get a different size for a different purpose. I've bought it as supplemental liquid storage if I'm in an area where there is no water sources. What makes it perfect while hiking, climbing and backpacking for extra water storage is how it folds flat when empty but holds a lot of water when filled at almost no added weight. This one comes with the regular screw cap version but you can transform it with Platypus spare parts. If you want to keep the system minimalist and compact stick with a regular screw cap. Platy bottles do their job well, but cleaning them isn't the easiest because of small fill opening which also makes it takes longer to dry. Overall great product. Buy one, you won't be dissapointed!
    Platypus Platy 2L Bottle Review
    Nick Hobson
    After spending far too much time reading reviews on bladders, I decided to go with the 2 litre platypus bladder. The reasons were quite simple. 1) very lightweight2) cheap3) it is compatible with my Sawyer water filter4) very few moving parts that can break :-)After using it on a few 3 day hikes/camps, what I can say is that it works, it doesn't leak, it seems pretty solid, there is no bad taste from the plastic and importantly for me it fits on to my filter. The con though is that it is a real pain to dry out, I'm not even sure if it has ever been fully dry since I got it. Even after leaving it in a warm dry room for a few days, there is still moisture in it. All in all though, I'm a big fan.
    Platypus Platy 2L Bottle Review
    I had an old version of a platypus soft bottle but was disappointed with the agressive design and never dared to put it in my bag. But now the design is reviewed and no sharp contour anymore. Weight is 38 grams with the simple closure cap (3 grams). My use of it is for security, when the next source is far or unsure. This is a good choice.
    Platypus Platy 2L Bottle Review
    Excellent product, extremely versatile and easy to clean. Perfect for my job outdoors.

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