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MSR Alpine Utensils

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    MSR Alpine Utensils

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    Full Description

    The MSR Alpine Utensils are a complete set of kitchen utensils that will enable you to cut, grate, strain and serve and all at an amazing 84.4g. Each utensil has a folding handle which locks into place when open. With a gentle squeeze of the handles they unlock for convenient packing.

    MSR Alpine Utensils Features

    • Alpine Spatula: Serrated edge cuts soft meats and cheeses easily
    • Alpine Spoon: Calibrated for common measurements
    • Alpine Grater/Strainer: Curved ridge fits pot rims for efficient straining while holes work as an excellent cheese grater
    Utensil Packed Dimensions Weight
    Spatula 15.2 x 6.4 x 3.8cm 21g
    Spoon 15.2 x 6.1 x 3.3cm 28.8g
    Grater/Strainer 16.8 x 7.6 x 1.3cm 34.6g
    Set of 3 16.8 x 7.6 x 8.4cm 84.4g


    4.57/5 Stars out of 7 Reviews
    MSR Alpine Utensils Review
    john clarke
    Firstly the dimensions the length straightened out is 24. 8cm, the handle is 15cms, the spatula width at the widest part is 6. 5cm. You squeeze the handle to clip and unclip the spatula. The left side of the spatula has a serrated edge (to cut up the meat or cheese or bread etc. The spatula has a nice tactile feel to it the weight of it my spatula was 22grams. So it is very light and so dual purpose the blade of the spatula is set at an angle to make it easier for turning eggs, pancakes, tortillas etc. I think if you treat it with care it should last. I tried it out when I was making flatbread on my trangia 27 ul/ha it did come in very useful for cutting the uncooked dough I made. I then used my nalgene bottle as a rolling pin to get the dough flat. The spatula was very handy when it came to turning them over and getting the hot bread out of the pan. The strainer is made of the same material and roughly the same dimensions it has a small pack size as it folds in half (like the spatula) the weight is about 28grams. I know a spatula and a grater/ strainer is a luxury item that you will not be bringing this along with you all the time but when you do bring it you don't want to carrying extra weight were you don't need it this is were these items will fit in perfectly. I have tested the spatula in the frying pan of my trangia and it does not melt unlike other makes I could mention which is why I tried it out at home in the garden before I go hiking. The color is a bit drab black and grey but its the form and function that counts. They are both slim I mean millimeters or at least no more than a 1/2 centimeter when folded. As are all the MSR products very well thought out light functional well made and well designed.
    MSR Alpine Utensils Review
    A Dunn
    The MSR Alpine Spatula at first feels quite flimsy in the hand, the minimal handle whilst being deliberately flexible to allow it to be squeezed(to release the clips so as to fold open and closed) is actually plenty strong enough to cope with most frying duties. The serrated edge is handy for apportioning but not a selling point(for me) and does not negate the need for a knife. I have an, unfounded, doubt as to the durability if the clips that lock the spatula head in it's open position as they often require squeezing in to make them seat properly but once in place seem to hold firmly enough. Time will tell and they have not failed as yet. The Alpine Spatula is extremely light and packable, even for the fast and light brigade, and is worth taking even just on the off chance that you might fancy an omelette.
    MSR Alpine Utensils Review
    The MSR Alpine Spatula is lightweight yet durable, weighing approximately only 20g. It conveniently folds up to allow easier storage - I keep it in my pot set with my other cookwear. The serrated edge is useful for simple cutting and slicing operations, for example, cheese or meat slices and portioning. I find this utensil most useful for fry ups and pancakes etc, but as the material is a form of lightweight plastic, you must be careful to keep an eye on it and to not let it stay in the pan left on a high heat. Advantages are that it doesn't scrape pans unlike a metal fryer and it folds up.
    MSR Alpine Utensils Review
    As a regular camper, the Alpine strainer/grater appealed to me for a number of reasons. I Love the fact that like the other alpine utensils, it is multi-function. I have needed a lightweight option for a cheese grater for a while now, and this seemed up to the job. I have to admit I was doubtful that the grater would be up to much, but it really does do a fine job. Only downside is how flimsy the strainer/grater is, but I guess with lightweight kit, that is the price you pay sometimes. Despite the lightweight nature of the plastic, the handle does seem sturdy enough to do the job it's there for. Have no doubts that this bit of kit will be in my bag a lot from now! Absolutely faultless service from Facewest yet again !
    MSR Alpine Utensils Review
    I have brought the spoon as this is the only utensil I feel that I really need. everything else can be done with a stick / the spoon / a knife / a fork. When making soup or porridge, this spoon makes the job as it is meant to. It is light, collapse-able, and fits into you 1. 4l pot, together with the petrol burner and the cleaning equipment. Warning: it can sometimes be highly amusing to collapse and uncollapse. . .
    MSR Alpine Utensils Review
    I bought this set for car camping. They are too much of luxury items for backcountry hiking. I haven't used them so much as I had planned. They feel a bit flimsy but have been ok so far. They are light and fold nicely for compact storage. The spoon has a strange shape but works well. I melted the tip of the spatula when I made eggs, which was slightly disappointing. Perhaps it was my fault, I'm not sure. Eggs for breakfast was my main reason for buying this kit. If you need these utensils I suppose this could be a light and compact option, but the question is if you really need them.
    MSR Alpine Utensils Review
    Good product worth the money

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