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Mammut Carbon Cartridge
    Mammut Carbon Cartridge
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    Lightweight Carbon 300 Bar / 4350 psi cartridge filled with Nitrogen for use with Mammut 3.0 and Mammut/Snowpulse 2.0 (Winter 11/12) avalanche air bags.

    Although called the Carbon Non Refillable Cartridge, what this means is that only Mammut can refill them, not the user. The empty cartridge needs to be exchanged in shop with a Mammut Dealer or by post with us. Please see Carbon Cartridge Refill.

    This cartridge is not for use with the original Snowpulse system (Pre Winter 11) or the ABS packs. Although it will fit onto an ABS pack, the activation method is different and your bag may not inflate properly.

    Mammut Non Refillable Cartridge features

    • 300 bar / 4350 psi
    • Carbon construction
    • Nitrogen filled
    • Compatible with Mammut Removeable RAS and Protection Airbag systems
    • Compatible with Mammut 3.0 and Snowpulse 2.0 Airbags (Winter 11/12 onwards)
    • Weight 310g

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