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G3 Bonesaw
    G3 Bonesaw
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    The G3 Bonesaw is a hardened stainless steel saw made to be lightweight and packable for in depth snow analysis. It has offset teeth for easy cutting and the material is tough enough to cut through solid ice, wood and even bone (hence the name!). The rubber handle has slots for attaching a ski pole enabling you to extend the Bonesaw and it comes with a lightweight sheath to pack it safely and 2 straps to provide attachment options.

    G3 Bonesaw Features

    • Off-set teeth
    • Streamlined stainless steel
    • Curved rubber coated handle
    • Slots for easy attachment
    • Includes a lightweight sheath and 2 straps

    Customer Reviews of G3 Bonesaw

    G3 Bonesaw Review
    Chris Green
    Verified Buyer

    Disappointed with this saw. The handle is small and uncomfortable to hold, the pole attachment is a bodge and the the sheath is cheap. I would not recommend. You will find a better (pruning) saw for half the price in a DIY shop.

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