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G3 Alpinist Plus Universal
G3 Alpinist Plus Universal £134.24 , Saving 25%
Efficient and durable skin for multiple objectives. 312g.
G3 Bonesaw
G3 Bonesaw £55.21 , Saving 15%
Compact stainless steel saw for snow study. 169g.
G3 Rutschblock Cord
G3 Rutschblock Cord £29.71 , Saving 15%
Stainless steel cord for cutting through the snowpack.
G3 Twin Tip Connectors
G3 Twin Tip Connectors £22.45 , Saving 10%
Adaptors to allow skins to attach to twin tipped skis.
G3 Waterproof Renew
G3 Waterproof Renew £18.00 , Saving 10%
Spray on reproofer for restoring the waterproofing on any skin.