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DMM Belay Master 2
    DMM Belay Master 2
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    The DMM Belay Master 2 is a dedicated belaying HMS carabiner that is fitted with a Nylon clip providing increased security, it also prevents the carabiner from twisting and becoming cross loaded. The clip can only be closed when the barrel has been tightened locking the carabiner, making this a superb failsafe carabiner that makes belaying easier.

    The top bar of the carabiner is thick and rounded for consistent rope control and durability. The modern I-beam construction reduces the weight of the Master without impairing strength and with it being fairly chunky it's pretty easy to use when wearing gloves. A great addition to any rack for both trad and alpine climbing.

    DMM Belay Master 2 Features

    • Nylon clip ensure correct loading
    • Thick rounded top bar for rope control
    • Large gate opening
    • Easy to handle in gloves
    • Strong I-Beam construction

    25kN 8kN 10kN 24mm 93g

    Video Content

    DMM Belay Master 2 from DMM Climbing on Vimeo.

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