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Thermarest Trail Scout
    Thermarest Trail Scout
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    The Thermarest Trail Scout is often billed as the ideal mat for those wanting to upgrade to a self inflating mat or those on a tighter budget. However when compared with other mats in the Trek & Travel collection it does have a place to compete with other mats. It is after all a lighter mat that will pack down smaller and still offer an R-Value of 3.4.

    The Trail Scout has been made with less expensive fabrics, noticeable in the outer fabric which though still durable will be less durable than the TrailLite or Trail Pro. One of the great advantages of this mat is that it packs down nice and small and is an ideal 3-season mattress for backpacking.

    Thermarest Trail Scout Features

    • No slip surface
    • Streamlined shape
    • Self inflating
    • Stuff sack included

    Medium168 x 51cm2.5cm28 x 14cm570g3.4
    Regular183 x 51cm2.5cm28 x 14cm630g3.4
    Large196 x 63cm2.5cm33 x 14cm860g3.4

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    Customer Reviews of Thermarest Trail Scout

    Thermarest Trail Scout Review
    Verified Buyer

    Sitting on the trail scout, in it's handy chair conversion cover felt like sitting on a heated seat, the heat return is quickly noticeable. As a sleeping mat, it self inflates with no problem, I was busy setting up camp so didn't have time to time it, and with a couple of extra puffs of air is plenty comfortable to take away the lumps & bumps of the woodland floor.Slept in a bivvy bag last weekend with just a 3 season bag & liner and was plenty warm enough.Whenever I noticed cold spots they were always not in contact with the mat.All in all a great buy for the price, definitely worth it with the free seat gifts.

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    Thermarest Trail Scout Review
    Verified Buyer

    Got fed up lugging the airbed and pump. Besides its freezing when winter camping!

    Very impressed with the thermarest. First night out had to get out of sleeping bag due to heat. Also pretty good for sleeping on the side.

    Pretty impressed.

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    Thermarest Trail Scout Review
    Verified Buyer

    Finally had the spare cash to splash out on a thermarest. Chose the trail scout as a starter.Really impressed with the comfort and the warmth.Can't believe it took me this long to get one.Transformed my camping sleeping experience.Have already recommended to friends.

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    Thermarest Trail Scout Review
    Verified Buyer

    Having patched up my old self-inflating mat with cycle puncture strips a couple of times over the years, it was stubbornly self-deflating again, and it was clearly time to retire it.

    The existing mat was a budget Gelert product, and I make no complaint about its effectiveness and service, especially bearing in mind its price, but I decided from the outset that for its replacement, i would trust the reputation of Thermarest.

    However, the product range is very wide, and I found Facewest's explanatory feature first class in helping me to choose exactly what I needed.For those who, like me, have become accustomed to simply unpacking, puffing, sleeping, deflating and repacking a sleep mat, it was eye-opening to find detailed use, care and storage instructions. Had I not seen these, the mat would now, after its first outing, would still be stuffed in its bag, rather than enjoying its comfortable spread against the wall of my storeroom.

    I do understand that the mat needs time to adapt, but it does still seem reluctant, after its first, week-long trip, to take a noticeable spontaneous breath, and it needs a few puffs from me to provide any meaningful cushion.

    From the first night - a wild camp in a roaring gale on the approach to Black Hill in the Peak District - it proved its worth, with very effective insulation.

    The instructions have specific suggestions for rolling and compressing (including sitting on it to expel air) but a single longitudinal fold and a tight roll reduces it effortlessly to the size of the pack in less than a minute.

    My only regret is that it's a couple of hundred grams heavier than my old mat, and 66-year-old backpackers notice every extra gram.

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