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Climbing Harnesses

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Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness
Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness £27.00 , Saving 40%
Harness specifically designed for mountaineering. 395g
Black Diamond Solution Guide
Black Diamond Solution Guide £81.00 , Saving 10%
Durable Trad climbing harness with 5 gear loops. 394g.
Black Diamond Couloir (Summer 21)
Black Diamond Couloir (Summer 21) £36.00 , Saving 40%
Ultralight and packable Ski Mountaineering and Touring harness. 215g
Petzl Tour
Petzl Tour £47.70 , Saving 10%
Lightweight and well featured ski touring harness, can be donned while on skis. From 200g
Black Diamond Solution Harness
Black Diamond Solution Harness £63.00 , Saving 10%
Lightweight and supportive sport climbing harness. 330g.
Petzl Altitude
Petzl Altitude £73.36 , Saving 10%
Superlight but still well featured ski touring and mountaineering harness. From 150g
DMM Mithril
DMM Mithril £63.00 , Saving 10%
Lightweight, all round harness. 365g
Black Diamond Momentum Harness
Black Diamond Momentum Harness £49.50 , Saving 10%
All round use, comfortable harness with adjustable legs. 302g.
Petzl Corax
Petzl Corax £51.76 , Saving 10%
Versatile, comfortable all rounder with double adjustable waist belt. 470g.
Petzl Fly
Petzl Fly £86.40 , Saving 10%
Ultralight Ski Touring and Mountaineering harness with gear loops. From 120g
Edelrid Jay
Edelrid Jay £54.00 , Saving 10%
Easy to fit all round use climbing harness. 435g
DMM Tomcat Harness
DMM Tomcat Harness £49.50 , Saving 10%
Fully featured children's harness. Adjustable leg loops. One size. 385g.
Camp Alp Racing Harness
Camp Alp Racing Harness £35.99 , Saving 40%
Ultra-lightweight harness for ski touring and glacier travel. 92g.
Edelrid Fraggle
Edelrid Fraggle £49.50 , Saving 10%
Adjustable kids full body harness for children up to 40kg. 307g
Edelrid Loopo Lite
Edelrid Loopo Lite £49.50 , Saving 10%
The ultimate in lightweight harnesses for ski mountaineering. 80g
Edelrid Jayne
Edelrid Jayne £54.00 , Saving 10%
Easy to fit womens specific climbing harness. 430g
Black Diamond Womens Momentum Harness
Black Diamond Womens Momentum Harness £49.50 , Saving 10%
Women's specific fit, all round use harness with adjustable legs. 302g
DMM Tom Kitten Harness
DMM Tom Kitten Harness £49.50 , Saving 10%
Children's full body harness. Suitable for children up to 40kg. 330g.