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Pieps 30 Plus XT
    Pieps 30 Plus XT
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    The Pieps 30°C Plus is a handy little temperature gauge and inclinometer complete with Velcro straps enabling it to be attached to any ski pole. The thermometer can be changed to show °C or °F and the inclinometer is accurate to 1°. This is a great little compact tool to help you evaluate avalanche risk.

    Pieps 30°C Plus Features

    • Thermometer in °C or °F
    • Inclinometer
    • Attachable to any ski pole
    88 x 23 x 22mm

    Customer Reviews of Pieps 30 Plus XT

    Pieps 30 Plus XT Review
    Verified Buyer

    A great tool for fast and accurate measurement of slope angles, with the major advantage of always being to hand.Anything that makes snow/slope analysis easier is welcome addition to my kit list.The gauge fits securely to my pole and is easy to switch on wearing gloves, just lay the pole on the slope and you have the slope angle.If you stick the pole into the snow to bury the gauge you get an accurate temperature reading as well.

    The main advantage of this XT version of the 30 Plus, aside from being lower profile is that the battery can be changed, whereas the old version had to be returned to Pieps.

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