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MSR Titan Kettle

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    MSR Titan Kettle

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    Full Description

    The MSR Titan Kettle holds 0.85 litres and is designed for a fast boil. It has a tight fitting lid and a non drip pouring spout. The kettle can be used as a pot, mug or bowl and if going light is top priority then the kettle and titan spoon are all you really need. (shaving your head and cutting the handle off your toothbrush will also reduce weight).

    Fits inside the Titan cook set.

    0.85 litre


    4.67/5 Stars out of 6 Reviews
    MSR Titan Kettle Review
    Ben Rowley
    Have used this on many mountain marathons and is the perfect weight and size for two people. The lid fits well and the pan heats up really well with a simple gas stove with the like of porridge not burning too easily on the bottom of the pan. It also pours very well not spilling a drop of your valuable hot water. Despite its weight it remains quite tough and easy to clean. The only down side is than the metal handle quickly heats up and you either have to have asbestos hands or spare bit of old cloth to get the pan off the stove. Ideal for mountain marathons.
    MSR Titan Kettle Review
    chris mather
    Good piece of kit. 'Horses for courses' though. snug fitting lid avoids mishaps but being titanium conductivity can be a problem. Beware the 'hot spots'. Base size compatible with Whisperlight or equivalent. Well thought out size complements alcohol stove (i. e. white box style) and gubbins all stored inside. Only negative is the price (considering MSR don't quite hold the monopoly on this style kettle).
    MSR Titan Kettle Review
    Alice Turner
    Have had one of these for five or six years. It's an excellent design and, although well-used now, has never really bent out of shape or showed any signs of weakness at all. The only wear it shows is that the base has expanded a bit with heat and has bowed out slightly. It's pretty efficient as the lid fits tightly and there is only a tiny gap for the spout. For lightweight trips two of us share, and we melt snow, cook, eat and drink out of it. Cons: not many - it would be nice if it was just a few mm bigger so it would take a gas cannister inside it with the lid on. And if it was a bit cheaper!
    MSR Titan Kettle Review
    William Hold
    I think this is a classic bit of design. I have used this on ultralight solo trips when cooking is mostly a case of boiling water to hydrate a freeze-dried meal (pouring spout is handy for this), though I have also used it to do pasta dishes you end up with small portions. One feature I did not appreciate at first until someone else mentioned it to me is that the pan grips the lid tightly enough when it is on, that you can lift the whole thing by the lid handle, even when the pan is full of water, which is handy as the fold out handle can get hot (you need to be careful when trying this as it is possible for it to fail, which could be disastrous - before doing this with hot water, test it with cold water in the pan).
    MSR Titan Kettle Review
    Very versatile, lightweight & robust. Enough for a large cuppa or 2 smaller ones. Pours well. Didn't use as a saucepan except to boil water as didn't want to contaminate tea! However mo reason why it wouldn't be functional as such. Managed to fit my stove inside for carriage. Recommend for solo camping . Good all rounder if travelling light.
    MSR Titan Kettle Review
    Fantastic! ! - I'm into fast / light travel, hiking, cycle touring and ski-touring - so this is perfect as a kettle/mug/pan for solo or paired trips. Incredibly light and just the right size for a couple of brews or instant dehydrated meals. After boiling, the lip cools down enough to use this as a cup too so there's no need to carry any additional weight. Probably not the best thing for gourmet camp cooking, but for fast/light hiking and cycle touring, this is perfect. 4* rather than 5* as it is clearly expensive. . .

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