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MSR Quick Skillet
    MSR Quick Skillet
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    The MSR Quick Skillet is made from lightweight anodised aluminium that has a super tough non-stick coating that allows you the extra versatility to be able to fry foods without adding too much to the weight of your pan set.

    MSR Quick Skillet Features

    • Nonstick
    • DuraLite DX hard anodized aluminum skillet
    • Talon Pot Handle
    Packed size
    19.7 x 6.35cm

    Customer Reviews of MSR Quick Skillet

    MSR Quick Skillet Review
    Dr G
    Verified Buyer

    So far, this is a very good non-stick frying/baking pan.

    I plumped for this one after having limited success with the steel MSR pot, which arguably, isn't sold as a fry pan - so my fault there.

    Having used anodised aluminium in the kitchen for years, it seemed crazy not to use it in the field as well - the only thing stopping me has been the weight issue.

    MSR appear to have solved that with this pan though, as research prior to buying suggests that this Duralite DX Aluminium is a big improvement over previous versions as this latest non-stick coating is integral in the manufacture of the pan, rather than applied as a post-production coating. From my usage, it appears to be the case although as with all light-weight pans, I'm careful not to overheat them.

    There's still a lot of uncertainty over the sense of using Aluminium from a health point of view but I gather than an undamaged non-stick coating is perfectly safe, irrespective of the base metal. The danger comes when the pan is over-heated and/or badly scratched - both of which I hope to avoid.

    I use a Nomadic wood-burning stove which can be a bit of a faff and does soot the base of the pan (although wiping with soap prior to cooking helps the cleaning process a lot), but it's very satisfying from a fuel carrying point of view. Obviously I let the flames die down before using this pan but so far so good - I can both fry and bake an oil-free, oaty or flour-based bannock without burning.

    The lack of a lid may hinder some folk, but I find that using my plate not only warms the latter, but means I don't waste weight/pack space on a lid! I've also used foil for this job if only to help create a warm oven-like space inside - it really helps the cooking.

    I like the way the handle is removable but the only downside for me is that when the handle is folded, it folds into the pan at an angle, thus not being the most space-saving design. Also lacking, in my opinion, is both a carry-sack or a piece of protective plastic for the pan inner - the pan is supplied bare within its cardboard packaging.

    Whether the lack of protection means that it's not required I've yet to be in a position to comment, but whilst such can be simply made by the customer, it's not ideal to be supplied without - hence the 4 rather that 5 stars for this review.

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