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MSR Hubba NX
    MSR Hubba NX
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    The MSR Hubba NX is a an ultra lightweight 3-season tent designed to maximise space without compromising weight. Designed for one person the Hubba NX has enough headroom to allow you to sit up comfortably, while the internal floor space isn't tapered like many other tents providing maximum floor space. Access to the tent is gained from the side door, positioned here so it's as large as possible. Between the door and the inner is a storage vestibule that can also be used for cooking in poor weather conditions.

    All the materials used in the Hubba NX are lightweight and durable. The fly is 20 denier Nylon with a Durashield, a high performance waterproof coating that will keep rain and moisture out. The inner tent uses a combination of 15 denier mesh, for breathability and comfort combined with 20 denier Nylon fabric in the lower sections. The DAC Featherlite NFL poles are all connected by elastic forming them into one single pole, making set up simpler and quicker. Groundhog pegs are not only very light but are incredibly strong due to their Tri-Beam design.

    MSR Hubba NX Features

    • Ultralight livability for one
    • Two Fast & Light set up options
    • Large StayDry door with rain gutter
    • Large entry vestibule
    • Compression stuff sack
    • Rain fly 20D ripstop Nylon
    • Inner - Micromesh 15 D Nylon & 20D Nylon
    • Floor - 30D Nylon ripstop Durashield - 3,000mm HH
    • DAC Featherlite poles
    • Ground Hog tent pegs

    Floor AreaVestibule AreaInterior HeightPacked SizePacked WeightMinimum Weight
    1.67 sq. m0.84 sq. m91 cm46 x 15cm1.29kg1.12kg

    Video Content

    Pro Review

    Dave from Climbing Gear Reviews UK looks at the redesigned ultralight solo tent from MSR.

    Expertly engineered for 3-season camping, the lightweight, compact tent won't slow you down, whether you're striking out early to earn solo views along a popular route, or finding your stride on a 10-day trek into the Alaskan wilderness.

    I owned an MSR Carbon Reflex 1 before I got the new MSR Hubba NX and loved it. When I took groups and clients on my Lakeland Mountain Challenge they used to call it my Spaceship tent. I loved the space, the lightness and the ease in which it went up.

    I believe the MSR Hubba NX is another step up in the evolution of this genre of the Hubba range of tents. The Hubba NX is a single hooped design as many lightweight tents are. The main loop is longitudinal which, I believe offers more internal space than a latitudinal hoop design. I can sit up quite comfortably in the Hubba NX and feel I have a lot of internal room and one of the main differences is that the tent is freestanding and way more stable in windy conditions thanks to the unified hub and pole design.

    The MSR Hubba NX retains the classic shape but has some great improvements

    The basic shape of the MSR Hubba NX remains similar to the MSR Carbon Reflex but I felt the tent pitched better and easier with the Y shaped pole hub. The tent is pitched inner first so expect to get the inner wet in rainy conditions unless you are super speedy. But the inner is very roomy and has partially solid walls to half height, this is another improvement on the Carbon Reflex as it offers a little extra warmth. You do, however, pay for that in weight but I feel an extra 138g is worth the extra stability and warmth - I can lose that by taking less clean clothing! This does make the inner freestanding which means I can move the tent around to find the most comfortable position for it and it is plenty big enough for my 1.75m, in fact it feels one of the roomiest solo tents I've owned and there is plenty of room for me and my kit.

    The integrated pole system works well and was easy to deploy. A quick snap together and the pole system was up and ready to use, a nice feature that has been well thought out. The central cross bar on my Carbon Reflex was always really difficult to get in the tape holes and desperate to release with cold hands. The Hubba NX seems mercifully straightforward - enough tension to keep the roof inner spacious but easy enough to take out when packing up. The poles are DAC Featherlite NSL weighing in at 340g, DAC have also really made environmental strides in using Green Anodising technology and cleaning up the chemical process.

    The integrated pole system meant it was a breeze to pitch

    The inner fabrics are made up from a combination of 15D Micromesh, 20D Ripstop Nylon and the Groundsheet 30D Riptop Nylon with a Durashield PU coating. Even though the bathtub/groundsheet fabric feel a little thin I've had no major issues with water seeping up through the ground sheet other than the typical dampness you always get with camping. There's an integrated storage pouch and if you are staying somewhere a little more long term you can buy a gear loft. The inner also has a more windproof half liner, this makes it much warmer than the fully meshed inner of my Carbon Reflex.

    Everything about the MSR Hubba NX is about keeping it light, the zip pulls, tension straps, cord locks and guy lines and the excellent Groudhog tent pegs and the oversized storage bag is great, no faffing putting the tent away in damp and windy conditions.

    The oversized bag was great for just chucking the tent in

    And talking of windy the MSR Hubba NX is what I would consider a tent suitable for fair to blustery conditions. It isn't going to withstand the full force of the UK mountains in storm conditions so I wouldn't advise pitching on a summit in the autumn but for most short term trips in reasonable weather (when let's face it we're more likely to be out) the tent is great; don't get me wrong it sheds rain very well and stands up to windy conditions.

    The tent can also be pitched fly only (with a groundprint bought separately) and inner only for star gazing on those warm balmy nights (!!!) so the weight can be kept to the bare minimum.


    • Easy to pitch and pack down
    • Great living space
    • Great oversized stow bag
    • Nice and light
    • Good venting


    • Pitches inner first
    • Not suitable for really adverse conditions
    • Could do with Dyneema guy lines

    Overall rating: ★★★★

    In conclusion, the MSR Hubba NX isn't the lightest 3 season solo tent out there as even in the MSR range as you can still buy the Carbon Reflex 2. But the improvements are excellent and the living space is what makes it worth a closer look. The range comes in two colour options - Green (as tested) and Silver/Grey.

    Climbing Gear Reviews are an independent reviewer of climbing, skiing and mountaineering equipment. Fronted by Kevin Avery, a trainee IFMGA mountain guide and former Gear Editor at, alongside Yorkshire based MIA Dave Sarkar, they provide completely honest and 100% impartial reviews. Click here to see their page.

    Customer Reviews of MSR Hubba NX

    MSR Hubba NX Review
    Verified Buyer

    Like it a lot. I've had a mutha hubba for camping trips for years and could never fault it. Decided after a cross country coast to coastmountain bike weekend that I may take up touring. I've used a two man vango for wild camping for long enough and decided to upgrade.

    The hubba is everything you expect from msr. Pitching is effortless in comparison to the vango and it weighs less than half!There is space inside for me to stay comfyand space in the porch for the rest. I use this with a mud mat and a ground sheet to keep it clean. Definitely recommend. Thanks facewest.

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    MSR Hubba NX Review
    Verified Buyer

    I try to get out wild camping as much as I can and I used my new Hubba NX for the first time this weekend in Snowdonia - very wet!

    The first thing that I noticed was the greater space compared to the MSR Zoid 1 that I have been using for years. In terms of living, the ability to sit up and put on/take off clothes, read and generally live comfortably due to the height was fantastic. The vestibule was large enough to store boots, cooking gear etc and also use a stove while sitting out of the weather in the main tent. A full length sleep mat fits in easily and I had plenty of room (I am 5'11) to move around.

    One of my main gripes with the Zoid was that when it rained, it was very difficult to stop rain dripping into the tent when you opened the flysheet. This seems to have been sorted out to a good degree on the NX and the rain gutters seem to work well. The tent pitches quickly (I already have a Hubba Hubba two man tent which uses the same pole layout so am used to the rather strange TV aerial look!) and once up seems to be pretty stable.

    The NX is very light and the stuff bag system works really well. A small thing but the pegs supplied are little works of art and hold really well even in soft turf.On the down side, despite MSR saying that you can pitch fly first, I cannot work out how to do it easily so pitched inner first and had to spend a bit of time bailing out! Perhaps a bit of a practice at home will sort this out. Another problem that may be solvable with familiarity was that I could not find attachment points for the guys - not a particular problem this weekend as the tent was reasonably stable but I will have to find a way to fix this as I do not want to get blown away one night!

    All in all, I am really please with first impressions and think that the tent will be a great improvement on the Zoid.

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    MSR Hubba NX Review
    Verified Buyer

    I wanted a 1 person tent for cycle touring and short backpacking trips in Scotland. The MSR Hubba is lightweight at about 1.3kg ( measured with the included stuffsac)

    Good points: appears well constructed, easy to erect single handed , grommets for pole insertion appear very robust , inner has large amount of mesh - White so tent should be both light and cool.

    Less good - pitchingseems to be with inner first followed by flysheet. The sections of pole make into one long pole with a y shape at each end and central short crosspiece. (So if the pole breaks it all breaks)

    Ground sheet and fly are extremely light - will need care to avoid snagging or tearing.

    My main concern was with guy cords and pegs - just the corners are pegged - no extra cords or grommets on the fly sheet. Some spare pegs and a very short length of cord is included however.

    Given the frequent strong winds and rain in Scotland(!) I think this tent would be more suitable for Summer use in Europe or America. If it was only purchased to be used in very settled weather or camp sites it is expensive, as compared with the other tents available.

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