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MSR Alpine Stowaway Pots

MSR Alpine Stowaway Pots
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  • MSR Alpine Stowaway Pots

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The MSR Alpine Stowaway Pots are super durable stainless steel pans that will last for years. They are a great choice for groups and with a range of sizes you can cater for small or large numbers.

When not in use they are great place for storage, especially for food. The lid is held secure by the handle that swings over and clips down securely.

Volume Weight
475ml 270g
775ml 365g
1100ml 440g
1600ml 550g


4.17/5 Stars out of 6 Reviews
MSR Alpine Stowaway Pots Review
Brad Min | October 18th, 2012
I can't stress this highly enough: These pots are fantastic! I got the 775ml and 1100ml hoping they would nest, but unfortunately, they don't. Nevertheless, they are very good pots indeed. I find the 775ml size is perfect for cooking solo meals, and the 1100ml is great if you're cooking for two. The lid is held in place by the handle, and it seems to be a solid design which doesn't rattle around when it's in your bag. It's also never come undone accidentally. I keep my Trangia burner, homemade pan holder (made out of a tuna can! ) and a load of other food related items inside so that it's all in one place and I don't have to go hunting for that M. I. A. spork or anything like that. They're not the lightest, but they make up for it by being totally solid, and they've taken a real beating in my bag with no marks to show it! Couldn't recommend more!
MSR Alpine Stowaway Pots Review
Nico | January 20th, 2013
I own the smallest of those and I can't say enough good about it. Yes it's stainless and aluminium or titanium will be much lighter. But the weight you lose here you will win back in extra gas cartridges you will need to heat up your food in the lighter stuff. More importantly the cooking time is much faster in this great pots. What ever the size you need you can purchase with your eyes closed, this is a great line of products.
MSR Alpine Stowaway Pots Review
Kim | May 21st, 2014
I purchased the 1100 ml MSR Alpine Stowaway Pot/pan recently and have to say that it is an impressively robust and heavy duty pan. I used this to boil chai tea on a camp trip recently - the bottom of the pan was burnt black as the process of this tea involves boiling several times to thicken the milk. After a few scrubs, I got it looking like new again! I truly believe that if it's a durable, long life pan you're after, you would make a good investment in purchasing from the MSR Alpine Stowaway Pot range. Steel is also more stable than other metals like aluminium, so as long as the base of the pan is not heavily pitted, it is safer to cook in too. Total value for money and highly recommended.
MSR Alpine Stowaway Pots Review
Dr G | November 3rd, 2014
I fear I'm going to be the odd one out here, but having bought this pan & tested it in the field, I'm going to have say that for my intended usage, I'm not a fan. Which isn't to say this isn't a good pan - I think that it's been well thought-out & the catch is very clever. Although with the lid off & the handle extended, the rattle of the catch soon gets pretty annoying & without a modification (as shown on YouTube), tipping the last drops of whatever out of the pan can cause the handle to fail completely. It's said that you can use the lid as a plate/frying pan, but not really - the handle of the lid is in the way for the latter & it's not exactly much fun with the shape it is, as the former either. My personal bug bear is that the base is too thin, which means that yes - I've burnt the inside already. I don't mind the discolouration that occurs naturally & I know not to overheat pans (especially the non-stick ones, which this isn't), but it's just that unless this pan is filled with a fairly thinnish liquid, it seems very easy to burn the base. Whether the base thickness has always been like this or whether the specification has changed recently, I can't say - although the weight of the pan is as per the spec, suggesting that things are as they should be. . . I got the 775ml which is arguably (just) enough for 2 smallish eaters, but when weight/space is a concern, this size makes a lot of sense especially when wanting to cook/eat without having to resort to fast food outlets or restaurants. There's a lot of positive reviews about this range of pans so I think it's important to point out that how you use it is especially important. I've realised that apart from boiling thinnish soups over a relatively moderate flame, the major other use will be as a lightweight Dutch Oven (bc obviously I can't cart a cast iron thing around with me! )Horses for courses & all that.
MSR Alpine Stowaway Pots Review
Jorgen | September 18th, 2015
Really good pot where you can store all the food stuff under the lid. But it is very difficult to pour without spilling.
MSR Alpine Stowaway Pots Review
Ted | April 19th, 2020
I had one of these pots before and it was excellent, good quality steel and smooth operating latch, unfortunately this one though functional enough just isn't up to the same standard, thinner steel and a lumpy awkward latch operation. It is just about worth the money.