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MSR Alpine Nesting Bowl
    MSR Alpine Nesting Bowl
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    The MSR Alpine Nesting Bowl actually consists of one bowl (not 3 as depicted). Made from rugged stainless steel these compact bowls nest in one another ensuring they take up minimum space.


    Customer Reviews of MSR Alpine Nesting Bowl

    MSR Alpine Nesting Bowl Review
    Kristian Vian
    Verified Buyer

    The MSR nesting bowl was a great multi-use item on a recent 4 day trip in the Norwegian mountains. As the description says; it is rugged. I crammed it into my pack, and it withstood all the abuse it suffered.

    I used as a drinking bowl, for drinking water from the lake, and the occasional lemonade. I used it to fry mushrooms and unions over the fire, and to cook rice in while the soup was boiling in my main pot. And I used it as a bowl for eating my meals.

    All in all a great multi use product, but I could as well have bought an 1L aluminium pot from trangia - about the same weight, but more volume, for the same price. There is a special feel to Stainless steel, though, more pleasant to eat from in a way.

    I cannot attest to the nesting abilities, but I see no reason for MSR to mess that up.

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