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Black Diamond Stopper

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    Black Diamond Stopper

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    Full Description

    The Black Diamond Stopper is a superb wire that has a proven track record dating from the days of Chouniard Equipment who developed them in 1972. Stoppers have been shaped to give optimum options for placement in various shaped cracks. The transverse taper permits sideways placements, particularly handy for flared or shallow cracks. The galvanised steel cable is more flexible than wires on other rocks, ensuring the Stopper is less likely to become shaken out as you climb.

    Each Stopper is colour anodised by size, this really does help identify the Stopper you require quickly. Stoppers are individually tested prior to leaving the factory so you know they will do their job.

    To find the equivalent sized Rock to a BD Stopper just take off 3. So a BD Stopper 9 is the same size as a Rock 6.

    Stoppers can be bought individually or in the Standard or Pro sets. Standard Set 5-11 misses out the largest and smallest stoppers, an ideal starter set or the Pro Set 1-13 is one stopper of each size from the complete range.

    Black Diamond Stopper Features

    • Durable aluminium heads and steel cables
    • Transverse taper is versatile in flares, constrictions and parallel cracks
    • Rounded edges for easy cleaning (sizes 1, 2, & 3 are straight for better surface contact)
    • Sizes 1 and 2 are for direct aid only

    Size Dimensions Strength Colour
    1 4.3 / 9.1mm 2Kn Red
    2 4.8 / 9.9mm 2Kn Yellow
    3 6.1 / 11.4mm 5Kn Blue
    4 6.9 / 12.4mm 6Kn Grey
    5 8.4 / 13.5mm 6Kn Purple
    6 10.2 / 15.5mm 10Kn Green
    7 11.7 / 16.3mm 10Kn Red
    8 13.5 / 18.3mm 10Kn Yellow
    9 15.2 / 20.8mm 10Kn Blue
    10 17.3 / 23.4mm 10Kn Grey
    11 20.1 / 26.7mm 10Kn Purple
    12 22.9 / 30.5mm 10Kn Green
    13 26.4 / 35.1mm 10Kn Red


    4/5 Stars out of 8 Reviews
    Black Diamond Stopper Review
    mark christie
    I bought the standard set, I do like chunky wire on nuts, some sets have very thin wire on the smaller sizes, and the colours are great. They're a good shape, do the job well and feel sercure. However, unless you have some small hexes and small nuts - it may be wise to but the pro set.
    Black Diamond Stopper Review
    Have a few different sizes. Through they are slightly cheaper than Wild Country Rocks they are not as good. The subtle difference in the extremity of concave and convex element of the design seem to account for this. Rocks have a much greater angle than the Stoppers. As a result Stoppers do not seem to place as neatly in many cracks as the Wild Country Rocks. I tend to carry them to complement some of the commonly used sizes of my Wild Country Rocks but always use the Rocks before the Stoppers! Having said that, they do work fine in most situations. Facewest comment: There are pros and cons with all rock climbing protection between various manufactures, not least of all between Rocks and Stoppers. Stoppers do tend to be noticeably ââ "šÂ¬Ã‹Å“flatter' in the smaller sizes, however there are times when this is what the climber may require, likewise smaller Rocks having a greater curve may fit a placement better. However when it comes to the smaller wires please consider looking at Black Diamond Micro Stoppers, as these will compliment any rack and are shaped differently again
    Black Diamond Stopper Review
    Jan Stephens
    Purchased as my first set of nuts. The sizes are really wide ranging and cover pretty much everything a beginner could encounter. The smaller sizes ensure that you don't need to buy a set of micro wires or whatever for thinner cracks, but multiples of the smaller sizes (1/2/3) is probably a good idea when you start tackling smaller cracks. They are a flatter shape compared to others such as WC Rocks, but to my mind this is a bonus. The wire is stiff however on the larger sizes it can sometimes be hard to place at a stretch. The price is great and overall these nuts are a great place to start.
    Black Diamond Stopper Review
    Laura Kennedy
    Pretty much the same as what others before me have said - they are a good first set of nuts but just don't cam up very well due to the shallow angle on the faces of the nuts. They are ideal for learning the basics on good holey rock but once you're pushing your grades you'll likely lack confidence in these. Up side is they are cheap, cheerful and come in a range of colours - downside is that they don't cam brilliantly and the colours rub off very quickly!
    Black Diamond Stopper Review
    Ky Aizawa
    Best wires I've ever used, and so I now have 2 sets (one classic and one pro) on my rack. Really like the way the wires are a good balance of curve and offset, meaning that they sit well and also torque well into cracks with a greater contact surface, so generally they seem to place better and more securely in a wider range of placements, than similar competitors. Another advantage is that the Stoppers go down to smaller sizes, without having to get a separate set of micro wires. As with most BD gear, it's well made, wear well and the anodizing has lasted use/abuse/winter seasons, making wire selection easier. It may take some time to get used to placing these wires as the color/sizing is different to WC/DMM and also the way they place is subtly different.
    Black Diamond Stopper Review
    Thomas Walton
    Purchased size 3 to complete my basic set which for a gift to begin Trad Climbing. Size 3 is probably to smallest sized stopper I would purchase as it is the smallest size with a full fall bearing capacity, i. e not for direct aid only. I personally like to simplicity of the stopper whereas others prefer a more curved profile of wall nuts or wild country rocks. All in all very happy and would purchase again, great quick free delivery with Facewest too.
    Black Diamond Stopper Review
    Firstly I want to say I already have a full set of DMM and wild country nuts, and the wallnuts are my firm favourite, with the wildcountry rocks fitting in well due to the same colour coding. I purchased size1-6 in the black diamond stoppers to further expand my set of nuts. They seem more durable than the DMM nuts that I Iove, but in comparison, the shape of the head does not fit flaring cracks as well as the DMM wallnuts. I also dislike the fact that the colour coding does not fit in with my other nuts, and that fact that size 1 and 2 would only really be of any use either backing up a piece of gear, or aid. I like the black diamond stoppers, but won't be rushing out to replace my beloved wallnuts anytime soon. Great service from Facewest as usual.
    Black Diamond Stopper Review
    Good range of dimensions. Speedy delivery.

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