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Thermarest Z Lite SOL
Zlite SOL

Zlite SOL


Thermarest Z Lite SOL

The Thermarest Z-Lite Sol is an update to the massively popular Z-Lite, the lightest closed cell foam mat available. It features a reflective barrier layer on the base of the mat which reflects warmth back towards you when you sleep on it, thereby increasing the insulation of the mat by 20%. The Z-lite has always been popular with alpinists and mountaineers but now the extra insulation means that this is the perfect choice for fast-and-light ascents and super-alpine use.

The Thermarest Z-Lite Sol uses Thermarest's unique folding eggbox design which ensures that it packs down to a fraction of the volume of a traditional roll mat, it also dramtically increases the warmth and comfort of the mat compared to other ultralight foam mats.

Unsure if this is the right mat for you? Please read How to Choose a Sleeping Mat.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Features:

  • Travel Ultralight: Weighing less than a pound, this mattress goes anywhere easily
  • Packs Small: Accordion-style design packs lots of comfort into as small a space as possible
  • Exceptional Durability: Closed-cell foam is incredibly durable, providing an exceptional value and many years of worry-free performance

Regular183 x 51cm2cm51 x 13 x 14cm410g2.6

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Customer Reviews of Thermarest Z Lite SOL

from 21 Reviews

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, vladimir, 04/18/2019

well thank you. everything is fine mat is Perfect. know your products is 5 *

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Nick, 02/22/2019

Sleeping mat seems very comfortable- have yet to use whilst camping. Bought for wild camping in Scotland to remove the worry of getting a puncture in my inflatable sleeping mat.

As I will be multi-day back packing have cut 2 sections off to be used in the day as a sit mat and can then just put beneath feet during the night. Mat is bulky but hopefully will not be too annoying whilst walking and is lighter than the inflatable one. Also quite nice to sit on the folded up block whilst cooking as it can act like a low seat.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Linda, 04/05/2018

I took part in an expedition down a Scottish river over Easter Weekend.This Thermarest Z Lite SOL was perfect for 2 freezing cold nights in a tent whilst wild camping. It no doubt helped to keep me snug while I was asleep.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Keith, 12/17/2015

Bought this as a present for my nephew as I have used one for about 5 years and am unlikely to change after experimenting with numerous options.

Pros: While inflatable mats are fine, they are clearly subject to puncture/deflation (although I do pair my Z Lite with a Neo Air in winter) and I need something comfortable, insulating and light which can stand up to rough treatment and not be expensive to replace. The Z Lite basically ticks all of the boxes.

To summarise, I honestly don't know why people persist with ever more expensive inflatable mats when you can get one of these for £30.00.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, I Mc, 09/14/2015

Slightly bigger than I expected (which is a good thing btw). It comfortable to lie on and easy to roll up. Its lightweight and good value, in fact I wish I had bought one of these years ago instead of the inflatable ones.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Yener, 08/26/2015

Ultra lightweight and easy to attach to bag. Comfortable to sleep on and great to lay one on another for extra comfort.Also folded it into a comfy seat. Ideal bit of kit for light weight and don't have to worry about getting punctures :)

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Bruce, 07/20/2015
Pros. -More comfortable than any closed cell mat I have used and pretty close to some older thinner self inflating mats.Not luxury but acceptable.Comfort only becomes an issue compared to inflatables on very uneven ground.Warm enough in cool summer use so far.Handling and packing is far easier and more adaptable than other closed cell.Cons -None.Judged purely as a closed cell mat where you are choosing reliability and low weight over ultimate comfort.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Patricia, 07/06/2015

I am used sleeping outdoors and before buy the termarest I had another sleeping mat. When I tested the termarest, from the first time I could notice the difference. You don't feel like being sleeping on the floor because it is soft and it keeps you warm. Indeed its shape and low weightmade that really comfortable to carriage.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, peter , 04/08/2015

I have been backpacking for a few years, and have always tried to reduce weight as much as possible, to this end I have a 40L rucksack which I have used for 2 National Trails along with other shorter overnight walks. I have progressed from simple roll mats, to a 3/4 length self inflating mat - however I was planning a walk 30miles in total with overnight stop of the Viking Way around Belvoir Castle. Its the beginning of April and I was a bit concerned about how cold it would be at night, my other backpacking has always been in the summer and night time temperatures were low teens. After considering a larger self inflating mat and an air mattress I plumped for the Thermarest Z lite SOL, price was a definite consideration but the warmth value was also very similar to the more expensive mats and finally it just looks cool - I am not disappointed.

Having completed the walk I can report the night temperature was 4C - it felt cold.However the Thermarest Z Lite SOL was excellent, it helped to keep me warm I only have a lightwight summer down sleeping bag - but with baselayers I was very snug - and i had a good nights sleep. It is very lightweight and easy to carry, strapped to the outside of my rucksack and remarkably comfortable to sleep on.

The ordering process from facewest is simple the the mat arrived quickly, thanks guys

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Daniel , 02/08/2015

Awesome for winter/alpine camping. Very light & very comfy

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Andreas , 10/27/2014

After my first one blew of the top of an mountain it took around 10 hours before I bought a new one... I would say this is one of the best mattresses to use for brakes and small trips, though it's too cold to sleep directly on ice with it.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Peter , 09/25/2014

I have used a Thermarest Prolite 3/4 for a number of years on walking trips, however a slow puncture in the field which I was unable to locate or repair led me to seek a more reliable alternative for a proposed prolonged back-country trip. The Z Lite is less comfortable, but adequately so, and virtually indestructible. It weighs virtually the same, although when I weighed it it was nearer 440g than the advertised weight of 410g (this is a Thermarest issue rather than Facewest). It's instantly deployed or packed and although a little bulky, easily stowed, externally if necessary. I wander if a full length version is necessary, I am tempted to hack off two sections to make it lighter and smaller, perhaps Thermarest should offer a choice of lengths. It seems odd returning to a closed cell foam mat, having been brought up on the trad Karrimat and then turning to Thermarest inflatables for 30 years, the wheel has turned full circle. But for price, weight and durability I am very happy with this purchase.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Ralph , 08/12/2014

I was fed up with sliding off the airmatress I bought to replace my multimat.This z lite sol is far better.It's thicker, comfier and warmer than my multimat. Doesn't curl up at the ends either.Also I like to use it as a seat outside whilst cooking. Only thing I can't comment on yet is how long it will last. Well worth it's price so far.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, My , 05/15/2014

We bought this product to use during the summer months, but have not had the time to tried them out yet.

We already had the seat pads in the same series, the Thermarest Z Seat and we have been very satisfied with them, so when it was time to order new sleeping pads there were no doubt about what kind we wanted.

This sleeping pad is lightweight, and I really like the fact that it´s foldable.

It´s also a very good option when you have got a dog, because it does not break like a sleeping pad with air might do.

The cons are the obvious, it´s quite bulky and it´s not as comfortable as a sleeping pad with air, but it´s comfy enough at this price point.

As a conclusion, if you´re looking for a foam pad, look no further, this is it.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Victor Ahlm, 08/20/2013

I bought this before going on a 5 day hike in off-trail in Sarek, Lappland, Sweden. Previously I've used self-inflating sleeping pads that are more comfy, but sensitive to water and flats, heavier and also significantly more cumbersome to roll-up/fold/un-fold. I find the Thermarest Z Lite SOL excellent! The square fold-up size makes it easy to strap-on to a backpack although it's quite bulky - but it's super light and durable, which makes it perfect to fold-up when taking a short break or cooking lunch. The reflective aluminium coating keeps you warm.I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a cheap, light weight and durable sleeping pad.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Patrik Blomquist, 06/16/2013

Ok, I've only spent one night on my Thermarest Z Lite SOL. Actually it came just the evening Before the camp out with 3 other adults and 9 kids (7 years) in one big Tenttipi. I must say that the Z lite SOL was very warm. Must get back on the comfort since I was squeezed in between two kids and the side of the tent so I had to sleep like a banana, which is difficult if you sleep with the stomach down. But the weight of the product and the heat coming from is very promising for the coming nights.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Mathias , 03/14/2013

I bought the Z-lite from Facewest a few years ago, after getting tired off my inflatable mat (the hassle of rolling it up, taking it out on breaks, being sensitive to puncture and fire sparks, etc). The Z-lite has none of these downsides and gives you the optimal combination of weight, durability, comfort and no hassle use over all. The mat's pattern gives more comfort than a traditional closed cell foam mat, by miles. The way you fold it up eliminates curly ends that you typically suffer on traditional mats.As for downsides on this mat: none that I have identified.

I bring mine on everything from picnics with the family to 3-season camping. In colder weather it stays home and I bring my Ridgerest Solar.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Brad Min, 10/18/2012

I was conflicted with this mat. It's much more comfy than your usual closed cell foam mat due to the egg box design, but at the same time, an ordinary foam mat is much easier to transport. I slept much better on this mat than I ever did on the flat ordinary mats, and I didn't feel as achey in the morning. I wouldn't be able to compare it with an inflatable mat though, as the difference is still pretty big. It really depends which is more important to you as to whether you should get this mat. I have a rucksack that actually can't accommodate this mat due to the straps being slightly too small, which is annoying to say the least, as I had never had problems before.

The warmth is brilliant though, and if you used it in conjunction with an open cell mat you'd be ready for anything mother nature could throw at you.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Pablo Mandado, 09/10/2012

I love it! I have been using it for a week and it's much better than my old camping mats. The folding system is great and is much more comfy than any other mat I tried before. Obviously the inflatable ones can allow much more comfort, but this one is soft enough for me and trouble free: no risks of punctures. A mat for a lifetime.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Tiberiu Buzdugan, 03/16/2012

This is probably the best closed cell mattress there is. I originally had the normal Z-Lite but I was curious if there is any difference between that one and the new SOL Z Lite. And it was. The original egg-carton design was already very effective at trapping the air between the body and ground, but with the new reflective layer, it feels even warmer, and the weight difference is very insignificant.

The only down side, as other people remarked, is the square shape in which one rolls the mattress. It makes it somehow bulkier than traditional closed cell mat's and in the same time, because of the thin backpack's straps, two traces remain in the foam for a while, until it expands back.

This mattress is also very good in the winter season, combined with a NeoAir or with a ProLite, for enhanced comfort and more warmth.

Thermarest Z Lite SOL Review, Eliot Stephens, 03/08/2012

Cracking pad! For a foamy this really is about the best there is! The nature of the design is such that you get a huge amount more warmth than you would from a cheap closed cell foam pad. Its lightweight and well priced too, which make it the perfect midway pad between a cheap closed cell, and a more expensive inflating pad. The only slight let down of this pad is the fact that it packs down into rather an awkward rectangle shape, which is a bit bulky. But in reality, unless your on a lot of rock and squeezing yourself up things, it shouldn't make much difference! Great buy!

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