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Thermarest Stellar Blanket
    Thermarest Stellar Blanket
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    The Thermarest Stellar Blanket is a lightweight blanket ideal for camping and trekking instead of a sleeping bag or as a warming addition. A drawcord on the bottom edge allows it to be tightened around your mattress keeping it secure and the drafts out. It now has new eraLoft insulation which is not only efficient and compressible but also has water resistant hollow fibres which reduces weight but doesn't sacrifice warmth. It's fast drying, lightweight and compressible so you won't regret taking it with you. As with all Thermarest blankets it includes snap loops for use with other blankets, quilts, sheets and mattresses.

    Thermarest Stellar Blanket Features

    • Efficient and compressible eraLoft insulation
    • Easily compressible
    • Drawcord at bottom edge
    • Perimeter snap loops

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