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Storm Care

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Storm Eco Proofer Spray 225ml
Storm Eco Proofer Spray 225ml £9.00 , Saving 10%
Spray on water repellent reproofer for waterproof clothing. Eco-friendly. 300g
Storm Apparel Wash 225ml
Storm Apparel Wash 225ml £4.96 , Saving 10%
Gentle cleaner for outdoor clothing and waterproofs. pH neutral. 300g
Storm Footwear Proofer 150ml
Storm Footwear Proofer 150ml £7.20 , Saving 10%
Eco-friendly reproofer for leather & synthetic footwear. 200g
Storm Down Wash 225ml
Storm Down Wash 225ml £4.96 , Saving 10%
Eco-friendly wash to restore down filled clothing performance. 300g
Storm Tear-Aid Patch
Storm Tear-Aid Patch £5.40 , Saving 10%
Adhesive repair patches for clothing and kit.
Storm Tear-Aid Standard
Storm Tear-Aid Standard £9.00 , Saving 10%
Adhesive tape for outdoor clothing and kit repair.
Storm Tent Proofer Spray 225ml
Storm Tent Proofer Spray 225ml £9.00 , Saving 10%
Spray-on Eco-friendly water repellent proofer for tents. 300g
Storm Down Care Kit
Storm Down Care Kit £16.20 , Saving 10%
Everything you need to clean your Down Jacket.