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Soto Thermostack Cookset Combo
    Soto Thermostack Cookset Combo
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    The Soto Thermostack cook set is a versatile and super light one person cookware set and insulated mug. This versatile set can be used to boil water or cook food and can be stripped down depending on your weight demands. Water can be boiled in the larger 750ml pot or the 400ml titanium cup, then poured into the smallest steel cup, which is placed inside the 400ml cup creating a double walled mug, or if there's two of you then you both have a drinking cup.

    The Thermostack cook set contains two cooking pots, one 750 anodized aluminium for boiling water or cooking food and a smaller 400ml titanium one with is most suitable as a water boiler. A third Stainless steel cup will fit inside the titanium one creating an insulated double walled cup. There is also a small micro lifter for handling the cooking pot while it is hot and a lid for the 350ml and 400ml cups. The storage bag is reflective aluminium lined to double as an insulated sleeve for the cook pot.

    Soto Thermostack Combo Cook Set Contains

    • 350ml Stainless Steel cup. 84 x 98mm. 80g
    • 400ml Titanium cup. 84 x 94 mm. 50g
    • 750ml Hard Anodized Aluminium Mug / pot. 102 x 120mm. 84g
    • One lid for 350 and 400ml cups. 12g
    • Silicone seal joint. 12g
    • Micro lifter. 13g
    • Cozy / storage pouch 45g

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