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Sleeping Mat Spares & Accessories

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Thermarest NeoAir Mini Pump
Thermarest NeoAir Mini Pump £36.00 , Saving 10%
Inflates any NeoAir in around 3 minutes, 66g.
Thermarest NeoAir Torrent Pump
Thermarest NeoAir Torrent Pump £36.00 , Saving 10%
Inflates a Large NeoAir in 1.5 minutes, ideal for car camping, 275g.
Exped Pillow Pump
Exped Pillow Pump £28.36 , Saving 10%
Quickly inflates your Exped mattress and ensures comfortable sleep. 145g.
Exped Schnozzel Pumpbag UL
Exped Schnozzel Pumpbag UL £27.90 , Saving 10%
Ultra light pump bag for rapid mat inflation. Available in 2 sizes.
Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack
Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack £24.30 , Saving 10%
Inflates a Neoair quickly and doubles as a camp stool, 40L.
Exped Mat Coupler Kit
Exped Mat Coupler Kit £19.80 , Saving 10%
Joins 2 mats together.
Exped Mini Pump
Exped Mini Pump £16.66 , Saving 10%
Ultra light, ultra compact pump for Exped mats. 45g
Thermarest Instant Field Repair Kit
Thermarest Instant Field Repair Kit £9.90 , Saving 10%
Fast field repairs with glue dots, so no mess.
Thermarest Permanent Home Repair Kit
Thermarest Permanent Home Repair Kit £9.90 , Saving 10%
Durable repair kit for use at home, 24 hour cure time.
Thermarest Universal Couple Kit
Thermarest Universal Couple Kit £9.90 , Saving 10%
Securely join two Thermarest mattresses side-by-side.
Thermarest Valve Repair Kit
Thermarest Valve Repair Kit £9.90 , Saving 10%
Quickly and easily replace a damaged valve.
Thermarest Mattress Loop Kit
Thermarest Mattress Loop Kit £9.90 , Saving 10%
Easily integrates a Thermarest quilt or blanket with your mattress.
Sea To Summit Repair Kit
Sea To Summit Repair Kit £7.20 , Saving 10%
Repair kit for Sea To Summit Mats.
Exped Universal Valve Adapter
Exped Universal Valve Adapter £4.94 , Saving 10%
Enables Exped Pump to fit other self inflating matts. 10g.