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Pomoca Climb 2.0
    Pomoca Climb 2.0
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    The Pomoca Climb 2.0 skins have been updated for 2020, now lighter and easier to set up. They are a durable Mohair / Nylon blend workhorse skin for day in, day out use all season long. They have a rear and toe attachment which is designed to work with all skis, though if you have twin tips or a rounded tail then you may find the tail clip is an issue.

    Our Pomoca skins come in 2 different lengths: M or L - check the size chart below to determine which size you need. When you've got the correct length there are just a few easy steps to prepare your skin for use with a specific ski.

    The length of the skins is adjusted easily with the slider which attaches the skin to the tail of the ski then all you have to do is use the included ready2climb set to cut the skin. This is incredibly easy as it is preset to cut the skin in the correct place leaving the edges free when the skin is laid on the ski - doing one side and then moving the skin so it's the correct width off the edges is not necessary as the tool does it correctly. See video below.

    Skin width is 120mm which is wide enough for most skis. If your ski falls in the overlap of the skin lengths then choose the skin length with the largest margin eg 179cm ski would need a large.

    Pomoca Climb 2.0 Features

    • Safer Skin Light waterproof membrane between glue and skin
    • Ever Dry 3.0 PFOA free hydrophobic treatment for more environmentally friendly manufacturing
    • Adjustable length tail clip
    • Easy to trim
    • Carry bag and cutting tool included

    SizeApprox Ski Length
    Medium165 - 180cm
    Large175 - 190cm

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