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Petzl Am'D Screwgate Carabiner
    Petzl Am'D Screwgate Carabiner
    Purchase Petzl Am'D Screwgate Carabiner


    The Petzl Am'D Carabiner is a D-shaped locking crab designed specifically for belaying off. The usual advice from manufacturers is to use belay plates with an HMS style carabiner however in this case Petzl have dispensed with that idea in the name of safety. The problem as petzl see it is that the uneven weight of HMS screwgates cause the crab to twist and so increase the chances of the gate being crossloaded. As this minor axis loading is a carabiner's weakest orientation it is important to avoid this wherever possible.

    The D-shape of the Am'D minimises the risk of the crab twisting and being loaded off-axis whilst the square bar construction maximises braking force whilst remaining free feeding and without adding weight. This is a brilliantly designed belay crab from Petzl which is compatible with every belay plate we sell.

    27kN 8kN 8kN 25mm 70g

    Customer Reviews of Petzl Am'D Screwgate Carabiner

    Petzl Am'D Screwgate Carabiner Review
    Mark Purnell
    Verified Buyer

    Great carabiner, strong, reliable, mute colour. What more can I say? You can't climb without them and I would always purchase from a reliable brand like Petzl when you or someone else's life could potentially depend upon it.

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