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Nikwax Ski Skin Proof 125ml
    Nikwax Ski Skin Proof 125ml
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    Nikwax Ski Skin Proof is a performance revitalising product for your skins. The Ski Skin Proofer adds water repellency which inmroves the glide of your skins as they do not get saturated or weighed down by ice build up. It's easy to apply using the sponge applicator and can be done indoors unlike a solvent based alternative.

    The Ski Skin Proof is WaterBased - environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non flammable, non hazardous and does not contain flurocarbons. When applying Skin Proofer take care not to apply any to the glue side of your skin.

    Nikwax Ski Skin Proof

    • Adds water repellency,stops saturation, reduces kick, improves glide
    • Prevents build up of ice in fibres
    • Prolongs life and performance of all ski-skins
    • Does not contain fluorocarbons

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