Miry Map Board - Board and Plastic Cover

Miry Map Board - Board and Plastic Cover

Miry Map Board - Board and Plastic Cover

Map board and plastic cover to fit any Miry Clamp and Support both 2007 - 2015 and 2016 Onwards.

We sell the boards and clamps separately so you can have exactly the combination that suits you. If you haven't already done so you will need to add a Clamp and Support to your basket for a complete set up. It is also possible to have one clamp and multiple boards for different styles of riding.

The Miry Map Boards come in 3 styles, the QL (Quick Load), the SL (Super Load) and the WR (Water Resistant).

  • The SL (super load) has four poppers at each corner which are all on the underside of the board so the plastic covers folds around each edge of the board. The two poppers on each side are on the top so that you can slide your map in and out easily from either side. This system works better for single sheets or maps which don't need to be folded very much.
  • The WR (water resistant) is for cycle tourists. All the poppers are on the underside of the board so the plastic covers folds around each edge of the board. Your map is folded to the size of the board and then sealed in.

Both the SL and WR boards are available in 3 sizes; 10, 11 and 12 inch. The 10 board is a 10" square and so on. The larger the board, the more map you can see at once but the more room it takes up on your bars. The 11" is the most popular size.

There is also the A4 & A3 WR boards, which as the name suggests are A4 & A3 paper sized and only available in the WR version. Ideal for those who print maps out at home. This board has 2 holes drilled into it rather than one for the retaining bolt. This allows you to offset the board on your bars to make viewing a GPS or cycle computer easier.

Please Note: The image above is of the SL board. On the WR board the press studs on the left and right side of the board are on the back, the same as the other studs.


Customer Reviews of Miry Map Board - Board and Plastic Cover

from 7 Reviews

Miry Map Board - Board and Plastic Cover Review, Dave, 07/16/2016

I bought this for MTB orienteering events in the UK. Fairly stiff board but there is a fair amount of movement on rough tracks. It is relatively heavy for it's thickness and a thicker stiffer hollow material would be lighter with less flex. Care needed cleaning the cover to keep it clear and free from scratches. Overall very effective on road and smoother sections.

Miry Map Board - Board and Plastic Cover Review, David , 04/21/2014

Bought the 11 QL for mountain bike O events and adventure racing. Good solid board, but potentially needs a couple of extra elastics or similar to hold non standard size maps and stop them sliding out if they protrude past the poppers. You can close the poppers over the map, but this mangles that bit of the map, which may be critical at some point.

Miry Map Board - Board and Plastic Cover Review, craig devonshire, 05/08/2013

I purchased the Miry map board and cover recently for competing in mountain bike orienteering events. The product is excellent quality and does the job really well. During use the board is robust and reassuringly solid. It does not flap about while travelling at speed. Overall there may be cheaper alternatives available but having researched these thoroughly and discussed prior to purchase with other competitors I believe I have made the best choice.

Miry Map Board - Board and Plastic Cover Review, Andrew, 11/05/2012

Easy to fit and simple to use.

Not sure how long it will last as only held by one central disc which seems to draw in the plastic board but no problems so far.

The 11 square board seems a good size.

Miry Map Board - Board and Plastic Cover Review, Mark Taylor, 08/24/2012

I am really impressed with this item. I bought it for touring use (I also bought the non-covered board for adventure racing). It is obviously very strongly made. I bought it based on its reputation and have not been disappointed. The rain cover sits nicely snug to the board and it is easily big enough to take two cells of a standard ordnance survey map. I am going to use this for a trip across Scotland in a month's time, so I am sure that I will be able to report back on how successful it is at keeping out water!

Miry Map Board - Board and Plastic Cover Review, ian grace, 06/13/2012

I purchased this as a more solid replacement board to be used with Nordenmark map holder. The Nordenmark board is quite flexible, but post fitting the Miry is excellent. I have bought two different sizes and have so far raced with the smaller one. Was excellent on some pretty rough terrain and was much better then my previous board - Well recommended.

Miry Map Board - Board and Plastic Cover Review, Darren Atyeo, 04/27/2012

Great cover. found it easy to swap map over on a double sided a4 sheet mid ride. easy to clean afterwards as all comes apart. highly recommended.

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