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Hestra Handcuff
    Hestra Handcuff
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    The Hestra Handcuffs are leashes for your gloves. The elastic loop is secured through the webbing through a loop on the gloves and then the elastic loop slides over your hand, around your wrist. Leashes prevent your gloves from being dropped or lost, equally great for times when you need to keep taking your gloves on and off or for those who are a bit prone to losing a glove.

    The sizing refers to the wrist loop with the 80mm suitabable for children and the 100mm suitable for larger mens wrists.

    Sold as a pair.

    Customer Reviews of Hestra Handcuff

    Hestra Handcuff Review
    Verified Buyer

    All gloves and mitts should have these. After I added these to all my gloves I no longer have to chase gloves when it gets windy or climb back into the crevasse to pick them up. Easy to use and easy to switch from one pair of gloves to another.

    No minuses.

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