Black Diamond Ski Strap


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Black Diamond Ski Strap

Black Diamond Ski Strap

The Black Diamond Ski Strap can be used to lash any pair of skis together. Made from a tough stretch synthetic rubber they can be used on super skinny to super fat skis. In fact they can be used to lash skis to packs, stuff to roof racks their uses are almost endless.


Customer Reviews of Black Diamond Ski Strap

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Black Diamond Ski Strap Review, Irene , 02/14/2018

This is a really useful little product - so great for keeping skis, poles bound together when you're carrying them about - highly recommend it.

Black Diamond Ski Strap Review, Paul , 02/07/2018

Looks good, and long enough to go round wide skis. Good price.

Black Diamond Ski Strap Review, Richard, 12/21/2017

This type of ski tie is surprisingly hard to source. A must for ski tourers. Goes around the wide part of the ski when carrying skis as a A frame on a pack. Much more useful than the Velcro type. Can also be used for various emergency repairs- broken boot clip or damaged binding. Good price and delivered quickly.

Black Diamond Ski Strap Review, John, 11/06/2017

Best ski-straps ever!

,p>More than long enough to fit my Whitedot Preachers (155mm at tips) & very useful for all sorts of other packing & carrying purposes & much more versatile than small bungee cords. As a photographer I have to lug loads of stuff about & these will also form part of my photography kit.

If I had a narrower set of skis I'd use these & have a dedicated pair trimmed to size for them.

Black Diamond Ski Strap Review, Mike, 04/20/2016

Great quality product and so much better than the Velcro strap I was using. Used a couple of times during a recent ski touring trip to Austria and it was quick to fit and very secure when mounting my skis in an A-frame configuration on my pack. I guess they are quite expensive for what they are, but I don't think that I'll need to replace them very often.

Black Diamond Ski Strap Review, paul, 03/06/2016

I purchased some of these for myself and a couple of friends, having seen them in use by a guide. They are far more robust than the usual velco straps which are usually far too small to cope with the now wider skis - particularly when used to hold the skis together in an A frame -I had what I thought was a chunky velcro strap which I purchased at the end of last season and it didn't last more than a few days touring recently. I have not personally used the strap yet but it looks pretty indestructable.

Black Diamond Ski Strap Review, Jon, 01/02/2016

These straps have rapidly become a staple of Chamonix skiers. The fatter your skis the less likely they are to stay together well when being lugged around, whether that is to boot-pack the start of a route, do the Midi ridge, or just to carry them on a bus or train.

You can strap your poles into the same bundle too, useful for vehicle loading, or keeping all your kit together at apres ski.

The manufacturers of those funny velcro fasteners everyone used to use don't seem to have kept up with how wide skis are getting, plus they absorb water so you end up with something damp in your pocket.

These ski straps are a very simple idea, well executed. Could be cheaper, but they are sturdy and there doesn't seem to be much by way of competition. Recommended.

Black Diamond Ski Strap Review, Simon, 05/11/2015

Having tried alternatives this has two advantages. Firstly the generous length is more than enough for modern, wide skis. Secondly the metal over plastic fixing feels more solid and robust.

Whilst it's hard to get too excited about a ski strap, perfect to throw a couple in the pack for flexible uses.

Black Diamond Ski Strap Review, Zach , 01/29/2015

It's a ski strap! But it's a good un, and has many uses besides just skis.

The traditional nylon velcro ski straps work for skis but not much else. These elastic gel & buckle straps do that plus can be repurposed for just about anything else you want to bind together, while travelling or in the outdoors.

Would be nice to have a variety of lengths, but appreciate the mental buckle as opposed to the plastic one on the G3 version.

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