Black Diamond JiveWire Accessory Crab


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Black Diamond JiveWire Accessory Crab

Black Diamond JiveWire Accessory Crab

The Black Diamond Jivewire is a lightweight plastic accessory crab. This is ideal for attaching more or less anything to anything and is ideal for hikers, skiers and mountaineers. It makes a great part of a bodge-it kit for running repairs.

Available in two sizes and a variety of colours. Owing to it's plastic construction the Jivewire is somewhat less robust than a metal accessory crab and so is better suited to lighter loads.

Black Diamond JiveWire Accessory Crab Features

  • Ideal for key chains, dog leashes or low-load usage
  • Available in two sizes in a variety of colors

Please note that this is an accessory crab and is NOT FOR CLIMBING or PPE use!

Customer Reviews of Black Diamond JiveWire Accessory Crab

from 5 Reviews

Black Diamond JiveWire Accessory Crab Review, James, 04/27/2018

I have lots of little non-load bearing 'crabs around the place and these are the best I've found.

  • durable
  • they don't look cheap, it's silly owning top-quality kit then putting a 99p eBay keyring 'crab on it that'll break next week
  • the gates are simple and well engineered so they won't break
  • the body is plastic so they don't stick to your flesh in the cold
  • useful for carrying keys on your belt, or inside your pack if you don't have a key-clip in yours
  • stick one on the outside of your pack so you can clip stuff to it when faffing about in high winds, so your gloves/ touring skin bag/ etc doesn't blow away, or off the mountain (potential life saver)

'Nuff said. Get a few.

Black Diamond JiveWire Accessory Crab Review, David Gladwish, 01/28/2013

I've tried several mini crabs in the past and the gates have always been too small and never lasted long, with the ‘spring mechanism' failing after some use. These, however, are a different story. The gates are wider than conventional ones, allowing a wider range of use. They open and close perfectly time and time again, with no sign of losing strength. They weigh virtually nothing and are perfect for clipping my crampons to my backpack on a climb. I can think of a hundred other uses for them, and have invested in a handful more already. Buy 1, or 5, before someone else gets them all.

Black Diamond JiveWire Accessory Crab Review, Simon de Trey-White, 12/04/2011

I really rate these carabiners because of the relatively wide gate that allows me to clip them over larger stuff than many small crabs to secure my backpacks and other items while travelling. They are obviously not for climbing but very strong nevertheless. Highly recommended.

Black Diamond JiveWire Accessory Crab Review, Peter F, 04/09/2011

I like having a couple of these handy and usually on or in my rucksack when out walking, mountain biking or climbing. Just handy generally for attaching things where a 'proper' carabiner just isn't necessary. They are more than strong enough for this and the gate has a strong spring so no worries about losing things. As they are plastic, they are nice and quiet, even attaching metal objects and jumping around.

Black Diamond JiveWire Accessory Crab Review, Eliot Stephens, 11/29/2010

Handy little things that save you having to buy full size crabs for menial jobs! Perfect for key chains or attaching a camera to your harness and the like!

The price is great as you'd expect, and they're fairly strong considering they're not rated. I've dropped a few heavy things attached to them and they've held up! Defiantly worth keeping a pack handy for odd jobs.

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