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Big Wall and Aid Climbing

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Petzl Shunt
Petzl Shunt £56.70 , Saving 10%
Rope Jamming device, works with double ropes. 188g
Petzl Ascension
Petzl Ascension £48.14 , Saving 10%
Tried and tested handled ascender. 165g.
Wild Country Ropeman 2
Wild Country Ropeman 2 £45.00 , Saving 10%
Rope ascender for use on rope 8.5 - 13mm diameter, 92g.
Petzl Dual Connect Adjust
Petzl Dual Connect Adjust £43.66 , Saving 10%
Adjustable lanyard system for easy anchoring. 160g.
Petzl Basic
Petzl Basic £43.66 , Saving 10%
Versatile ascender for climbing, caving or mountaineering.
Wild Country Ropeman 1
Wild Country Ropeman 1 £40.50 , Saving 10%
Multi use ascender for use with 10-11mm ropes.
Black Diamond Link Personal Anchor
Black Diamond Link Personal Anchor £36.00 , Saving 10%
A set of fully rated sewn slings to make anchoring quick and easy. 50g.
Beal Assure Max Gloves
Beal Assure Max Gloves £27.18 , Saving 10%
Full fingered rope glove for maximum protection.
Beal Assure Gloves
Beal Assure Gloves £23.94 , Saving 10%
Fingerless leather glove for safer ropework.
Petzl Fixe
Petzl Fixe £18.44 , Saving 10%
Fixed sided pulley for hauling and rescue. 90g
Black Diamond Crag Half Finger
Black Diamond Crag Half Finger £16.20 , Saving 10%
Lightweight, breathable belay and via ferrata glove. 70g
Black Diamond Gear Sling Padded
Black Diamond Gear Sling Padded £16.20 , Saving 10%
Bandolier for comfortable racking on long routes. 108g.
Black Diamond Fifi Hook
Black Diamond Fifi Hook £13.50 , Saving 10%
Aid climbing essential, also great for Via Ferrata use. 22g.