Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy


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Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy
Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy

Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy
In Use

In Use

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy

The Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy is essentailly a rectangular sleeping bag made from heat reflective material.

The Heatsheets material is a great improvement over traditional foil blanket fabric. Heatsheets is more pliable and less crinkly so you can get it into the shape you want and it will stay there. The fabric will also stretch and deform without breaking meaning your bag will last longer even with repeated use. Heatsheets material reflects 90% of your body heat back at you.

The The Heatsheets Bivvy has taped seams meaning that it is 100% wind and waterproof.

Heatsheet Emergency Bivvy Features

  • Reflects 90% of Body Heat
  • Tape seams - completely sealed
  • Can be used as an emergency sleeping bag
  • Ultralight reuseable stuffsack
  • Quiet, pliable and repairable
91 x 213cm
Size in pack:
9 x 6.5cm

Customer Reviews of Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy

from 15 Reviews

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, John, 06/25/2015

Purchased to fulfil the mandatory kit requirements for mountain marathons and for personal safety in the hills. This has seen a lot of use, though never in a true emergency. Generally used to supplement the insulation under a balloon bed in mountain marathons. It has also been used for a sleep stop in a 24hr event in poor conditions with only a light, synthetic insulation pullover. I wouldn't expect to be comfortable in it used this way but it did allow an hour of respite. Even when cold you do become damp very quickly and you would benefit from having more layers to wick the moisture away from you skin. Easy enough to repack into its sack after use but sturdy enough to use without when needing to save weight. Most people will stick it in the bottom of their sack for emergency use and at the weight there is no excuse not to. It does however stand up to more regular use and if dried and stored properly will last longer than you think. Good value.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, Dan, 06/13/2015

Here's what I've done with it so far: Sat in it in my living room until I got sweaty and decided to stop; Taken it as part of mandatory race kit in my bum-bag. It is really small and light. After repacking it is a little bigger than when it arrived but still smaller than a can of coke. Sure it's a tenner more than the plastic bivi bag you've had for years but it packs away to nothing. And a 250g saving costs a lot more than £10 in most other areas of your kit. Will probably get a couple more and they can live at the bottom of our rucksacks in case something goes awry.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, Dr G, 05/08/2015

I've not yet used this in an emergency but I can give feedback on the reality of using it to keep warm at night. I thought it might be of benefit as a one-off sleeping bag for the occasional super-lightweight trip, bc it's claimed that it's tough & reusable.

Having slept in it for only a couple of hours, I can say that there's a big difference between saving your life/getting hypothermia & having a comfortable night's sleep. As it's not breathable, it was actually quite uncomfortable but the heat retention for something so light was simply amazing. Couple this with a natural tear resistance, a bright orange colour & a truly amazingly small weight & it presents itself as quite an admirable package.

So - horses for courses - I'm keeping it (bc it really is rather tough & does fold back into the stuff sack it arrived in) and will reserve it for when I might have a genuine emergency situation, safe in the knowledge that it actually does do as it claims.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, Nick , 04/01/2015

I have had one of these sitting with the emergency kit in my Dakine Poacher for several years. Last week I had to use it in earnest; a bivvy on a rock and ice ridge above the Saleina Glacier. It was absolutely essential and I will always ensure mine is with me in future. So small and light as to be negligible.I survived quite comfortably at 3000m and -8degC. Regrettably I had left my Annapurna Duvet in the valley, to save weight, but a ME Zero waistcoat helped. The bag is surprisingly strong; I wore my ski mountaineering boots inside it. There are a couple of small holes from rocks, not the boots, but those will easily repair with gaffer tape. Lack of breathability not an issue. The only thing I need to experiment with is how to keep the top sealed up without holding on to it all night. There is no drawstring - fair enough - but a piece of elasticated cord in the bag with it might be handy. Maybe seems expensive, but I wouldn't think twice about buying one of these, given my experience with it. Of course, ground insulation is also essential. A rope helped me. I will also now add a small piece of closed cell foam to my emergency gear; always handy for rest stops, anyway.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, Timothy , 03/16/2015

I bought this for a forthcoming Mountain marathon because I only had a foil blanket and not a bag as specified in the kit list.

It is very light - about 100g and about the size of an apple, so hardly noticeable in terms of space and weight.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, Stephen , 12/14/2014

Received quicker than advertised, commsfrom Facewest good thoughout.Not had chance (thankfully) to use yet but material and product look and feel reasonable quality.Can't give 5 till had chance to use.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, Michael , 11/01/2014

It's very light, which makes me take it with me on allmoast all my trips. Of course it's not nice to sleep in because it doesn't breath at all. However a breathable bag is much too heavy to carry as a just in case item. I used it to hide from a rainshower after a long multi pitch climb, because I didn't carry any waterproof closing. That worked pretty well I was able to descent in dry clothes afterwards.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, Declan , 08/20/2014

Bought as back-up emergency kit for mountain leader group use. Small enough to slip into a pack without the bulk and weight of afull sized bivvy bag.

Pros: reflective surface better than normal plastic bivvy bags, low weight and very packable pack size.Cons: slightly expensive otherwise none to mention. Haven't tried re-packing and re-using it after 'serious' use but hoping it will stand up to this and still be usable.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, chris , 07/22/2014

Absolutely brilliant and essential. I had been meaning to get one of these for ages, but didn't want any extra weight. Now I know how good these are for so little weight, I take it everywhere. I have used it to have lunch in, in freezing conditions on the Cairngorm plateau, kept the Mrs warm on a breezy rest stop and lent it to a struggling stranger who was unprepared and cold. It always performs well, folds up easily and goes back in it's stuff sack, no problem at all. I'm so glad I didn't get a cheap one. These are worth every penny and a real life saver. Brilliant and highly recommended.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, Darren, 07/04/2014

Just what I wanted, small, lightweight and it comes in its own stuff sack. The product looks to be ofgood quality and reviews of the bag have been very good.

It arrived quickly.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, Morven , 04/21/2014

The service from face west was speedy and efficient.

The emergency bivvy has been purchased to take on a mountain marathon but will be handy to have in my rucksack for cycling and other running / walking events. It's small and light which is great for mountain marathons.Has not obviously been used yet so can't comment on how effective it is but it looks like it would be perfect if necessary.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, Nikolaos Todoulos, 09/07/2012

This compact and lightweight emergency bivi-sack should always be in your backpack, either climbing in mountains, ski touring/snowboarding or just riding in the forests with your bike. A lot better from the traditional heat-blankets where you just wrap around your body and you still get spots uncovered by the wind and rain hence significant amount of heat that you need is lost.

This is used like a sleeping bag it is fully sealed and all the necessary heat reflects back to you with no losses. I have used it in winter on a snowcave with a down vest and my feet in the backpack inside this bivi. Everything worked fine. By my opinion is the best heat-blanket bivi style in the market you can buy and not expensive. Plus it weighs less than 100gr. Can also be used as a signal distress flag due the orange colour.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, Jules Eaton, 01/17/2012

Having previously used an AM Emergency Blanket I knew the material would be excellent - no surprises.Size of bag in use is great(i.e. get in fully dressed & booted - no problems) and still packs easily away into stowage sack afterwards.A lighter, more compact option to a bothy bag although not as long-lasting.Perfect to keep in rucksack pocket for emergency use and even for daytime rest break respite in shocking weather. Cheap enough to use roughly and replace after a long trip or to give to some hapless soul in an emergency.MUCH more usable than the blanket for only a little extra cost.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, Ian Stennett, 05/13/2011

Why have I not bought one of these before now? Picked this up for this years LAMM (recommended by them) and was truly surprised at just how light and small the bag packs down, for the standard of kit you are getting. Clever idea to oversize the stuff-sack as you could always stuff emergency gels or bars in there too. This item will also be making it into my winter climbing pack at virtually no expense to weight or space. Magic.

Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy Review, Keith Dilly, 10/15/2010

Considerably lighter and smaller packed size than the old standard orange plastic survival bag. Easily to repack in the over-sized stuff sac, which has extra space for a few small items such as compass, whistle etc.

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