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Rab Group Shelter 2 Bothy
    Rab Group Shelter 2 Bothy
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    The Rab Group Shelter 2 Bothy is a lightweight water and windproof polyester two person shelter for emergency use or for keeping the weather off you during brief stops.

    These two person shelters are an essential item for your pack as they can literally be a lifesaver if you or your partner has an accident or becomes unwell whist your out in the mountains. This makes them ideal for walking, climbing or mountain biking two person teams. They also provide a pleasant sheltered environment to eat your lunch in when the rain is lashing and the wind is howling.

    To use you simply raise the whole thing up above your heads before ducking under it and sitting down on the waterproof seats. This holds it down and walking poles can be used for additional rigidity. Windows mean you can keep an eye on what's going on outside whilst air vents prevent too much build up of condensation.

    Rab Group Shelter 2 Bothy Features

    • Windproof and waterproof polyester
    • Windows
    • Vent for airflow
    • Waterproof seats
    • Recesses in roof to allow walking poles to be used as a brace
    • Reflective logo and piping
    • Stuffsack included

    Weight Floor Area Height Colour
    320g 50 x 145cm 94cm Orange

    Customer Reviews of Rab Group Shelter 2 Bothy

    Rab Group Shelter 2 Bothy Review
    Verified Buyer

    A good emergency shelter for 1 or two people. Fairly lightweight and feels robust - the window is a nice touch.

    Gets surprisingly warm inside even with just one person.Two people fit in fine but a tight squeeze - not sure how much space there would be for a rucksack.Definitely no more than 2 people.

    Easy to unpack and also easy to put back in its built in stuff sac.

    It has a vent and also a special place to insert a walking pole to use it as a kind of simple tent pole.
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    Rab Group Shelter 2 Bothy Review
    Verified Buyer
    Small size, low weight shelter at a reasonable prize (the Rab Ultralight shelter is smaller and lighter, but costs more). This one is a good choise for me in the summer, instead of my heavier and larger winter emergency bivack.
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    Rab Group Shelter 2 Bothy Review
    Nils Chr.
    Verified Buyer

    I am a keen mountain walker in Northern Norway during summer and winter. The weather here are quite extreme and a good shelter in case of bad weather are necessary gear in the mountains. I do use gear for singe persons but for a small group are Rab Group Shelter 2 Bothy useful.Rab Group Shelter 2 Bothy are good quality gea. It's light to carry in the rucksack. It's also useful to use during short breaks during a hike and it increases the comfort level in cold, wet, or windy weather a lot.Plus points. The integrated pack bag will not blow away in strong winds. Reasonable cost, quality is good and durable, easy and quick to use. It's light and I will not hesitate to bring it with me and use it. Packing is done in a hurry and the pack bag is roomy enough.Minus points: In snow drift will some snow get in, because it's without bottom but that's probably not a big issue.

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