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Thermarest Hyperion 32F
Thermarest Hyperion 32F £306.00 , Saving 15%
Superlight 2 Season 900FP Down bag. 5°C to 0°C 460g.
Thermarest Womens ProLite Plus
Thermarest Womens ProLite Plus £102.00 , Saving 15%
Womens 3 season self inflating mattress for cooler conditions, R Value 3.9. 640g
Thermarest Synergy Luxe Coupler
Thermarest Synergy Luxe Coupler £55.25 , Saving 15%
Turn two Thermarest mats into a luxurious double bed with this coupler kit. 600g
Thermarest Synergy Luxe Sheet
Thermarest Synergy Luxe Sheet £46.75 , Saving 15%
Super soft feel sleeping mat covers. 340g
Thermarest Synergy Lite Coupler
Thermarest Synergy Lite Coupler £46.75 , Saving 15%
Join two Thermarest mats together with this comfortable sheet kit. 170g
Thermarest Ohm 20F
Thermarest Ohm 20F £344.26 , Saving 15%
Ultralight, roomy non hooded bag. 900FP Down 3 Season. -0°C to -6°C 640g.
Thermarest Questar 32F
Thermarest Questar 32F £182.75 , Saving 15%
Light 2 Season 650FP Down bag. 5°C to 0°C 850g.
Thermarest Ultralite Cot Parts
Thermarest Ultralite Cot Parts £17.86 , Saving 15%
Spare parts for Thermarest Ultralight Cots.
Thermarest Synergy Sleeping Bag Liner
Thermarest Synergy Sleeping Bag Liner £38.26 , Saving 15%
Add warmth and comfort to your sleeping bag with this liner. 340g
Thermarest Honcho Poncho
Thermarest Honcho Poncho £102.00 , Saving 15%
Comfortable and warm blanket / poncho. 690g
Thermarest Argo Blanket
Thermarest Argo Blanket
£76.50 , Saving 15%
Insulated 2 person blanket. Use on its own in summer or to add warmth in Winter. 720g
Thermarest Parsec 0F
Thermarest Parsec 0F £425.00 , Saving 15%
Light and packable 800FP 4 Season Down bag. -10°C to -18°C 1090g.
Thermarest Parsec 20F
Thermarest Parsec 20F £306.00 , Saving 15%
Light and packable 800FP Down bag made with recycled materials. 0°C to -6°C 810g.
Thermarest Ohm 32F
Thermarest Ohm 32F £276.25 , Saving 15%
Ultralight non hooded bag with 900FP down. 2 Season. 5°C comfort. 520g
Thermarest Questar 0F
Thermarest Questar 0F £267.76 , Saving 15%
Light 4 Season 650FP Down bag. -10°C to -18°C 1210g.
Thermarest Parsec 32F
Thermarest Parsec 32F £276.25 , Saving 15%
Light and packable 800FP down bag made with recycled materials. 5°C to 0°C 690g.