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A Transceiver is a useless rescue device without a shovel! Don't be selfish and not carry one. They are light, pack down small and are relatively cheap.

In the Backcountry a shovel has many uses: Digging snow caves and test pits, shaping kickers and half pipes and they can add a layer of back protection to your rucksack. You can also use one to dig out your car. Anyone who thinks they can dig with their hands or their board is talking rubbish, you need a shovel.

We don't stock any plastic / lexan bladed shovels as we feel that in an avalanche situation they do not have the strength or digging performance to be a real safety tool. These days metal shovels are more durable than plastic and there is no longer a weight penalty for aluminium bladed shovels.


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Black Diamond Evac 7 Shovel
Black Diamond Evac 7 Shovel £59.50 , Saving 15%
Compact and durable two-way use shovel. 794g.
Black Diamond Deploy 3 Shovel
Black Diamond Deploy 3 Shovel £46.75 , Saving 15%
Compact, durable shovel with telescopic handle. 565g
Black Diamond Transfer 3
Black Diamond Transfer 3 £38.26 , Saving 15%
Midweight shovel with clean cutting blade. 692g.
Black Diamond Lynx Shovel
Black Diamond Lynx Shovel £29.75 , Saving 15%
Dependable aluminium shovel with powder coated blade, 642g.