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Petzl e+Lite

Hard case

Hard case

Petzl e+Lite

The Petzl e+Lite is an ideal backup/emergency torch ideal for all uses, from living in the bottom of your pack or first aid kit or your kitchen drawer. It is designed to be super tough and is able to withstand extreme temperatures (-30°C to 60°C), is waterproof to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes, can be stored for up to 10 years with the batteries inside and comes with a hard storage case. It's the perfect reliable torch to leave in a useful spot and forget about until you really need it.

The e+Lite gives a 50 lumens and can be switched between continuous or strobe lighting in both white and red - ideal for making yourself seen in an emergency. It has a locking on/off switch so it won't come on in your bag and drain the battery. It also has an emergency whistle on the adjustable elastic headband.

Petzl e+Lite Features

  • White and red lighting
  • Continuous and strobe lighting
  • Locking on/off switch
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Waterproof to -1 meter for 30 minutes
  • Can be stored with batteries (lithium CR 2032) for 10 years
  • Hard case included

SettingLumensDistanceBurn Time
Max Power5010m9hrs
2x CR2032

Customer Reviews of Petzl e+Lite

from 28 Reviews

Petzl e+Lite Review, Ray, 10/27/2017

Nice little torch, it`s never going to replace a full-on head torch, if that`s what you want for walking or running at night. but it`s fine for use as a head torch around the campsite. It gives out a pretty good beam of light for such a tiny torch, just what I wanted.

It would be OK for emergency use if needed on the trail.

Petzl e+Lite Review, Lucy, 04/17/2017

I adore this headtorch. Big emotions for a tiny functional item but it's true - where other reviewers consider it their back-up this headtorch is my primary and favourite headtorch, adequate for my camping and occasional night-wandering use. It's settings are: normal brightness for normal use, brighter for extra clarity, normal or red flashing if you need noticing, and red which is unbeatable for star-identifying (you can look at your star book without ruining your night vision). It packs into a teeny case but its headband is thick enough not to cut into your head uncomfortably as some of the thread ones do. Love it!

Petzl e+Lite Review, Kathryn, 03/01/2017

My husband was very pleased to receive the Petzl e+Lite headtorch as a present. He intends to keep it in an emergency pack on his boat once spring arrives. He appreciates its light weight, small size, its brightness, the red light that doesn't destroy night vision and its flashing emergency signal.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Simon, 05/12/2016

This is THE best light going! It has so many tricks, it's solid, the line does stay on your head, it's ultralight, 70 hours of battery and it has a stand built in so you can position it. You aren't going to use this to illuminate the forest, but for around the camp at night it's perfect.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Rowan , 03/08/2015

I bought the Petzl E Lite as an emergency headlight for keeping in my Rucksack when ski touring. For being such a compact head torch the torch is very bright and has an excellent battery reserve. The shelf life on this product is very good as well so I can always be sure it will work when I need it too.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Declan , 12/09/2014

I was bought this (on request!) as an additional/back-up head torch to carry/use alongside my main, full sized Petzl one. I wanted to reduce the pack size and weight with a second head torch while having a mini one for use where weight is particularly important e.g. on mountain marathons.

Pros: Extremely lightweight (I was amazed at just how light to was on unpacking it); very small pack size; different lighting options and colours despite small size/weight; having a spare torch is quicker/easier than fiddling with replacing batteries on your main (head)torch - and still lighter too given small battery size.

Cons: Takes watch-type batteries rather than standard torch types - might be difficult to find replacement batteries in remoter environments (even though it is a back-up torch).

For the small extra weight and size, well worth carrying as an emergency back-up torch or very lightweight main torch.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Tom , 10/10/2014

I bought the Petzel e+LITE to be my 'bak up light source' for a 100 mile race which had this as mandatory kit. I wanted something as small and lightweight as possible.The lightweight box is thoroughly ticked. You can pop it in a backpack or waist pack and you'd barely know it's there.If you have faith in the main light source you have and you are not going too far off the beaten track then this is a great product to have with you.It's not the brightest torch you'll ever own but that's not the intention. It is really meant only as a backup light source in case your main source runs out of power or its lamp breaks.If you're looking for something you can run with, then this is NOT for you - check out the Petzl Nao or the Silva Runner for better alternatives.The head strap is chees wire thin so even attempting a light jog it will fall off your head and round your neck. You can only walk in it. Hence the message - if you need a backup you can run with, or you are going far off the beaten track, this is not for you - I would NOT fancy having to walk many miles with this when I had been expecting to run the same distance.The notes above are not a criticism of the torch, but highlight what it can and cannot be used for.Overall, a decent little backup light source if you don't want the bulk of a second runnable headlamp with you AND if you know, in the worst case scenario, you will not have to use it for too long before getting (a) home or (b) to a backup runnable headlamp.

Petzl e+LITE Review, David , 09/03/2014

Much smaller than it looks in a photo! Bought this to use for mountain marathon type events where you are unlikely to be actually navigating using it but could if you had to. Perfect for using in a tent or around a campsite, nice and easy to use, and an excellent battery life. Slight downside is that if you do run it flat, the 2032 batteries could be harder to get.

Petzl e+LITE Review, john clarke, 01/09/2014

I must say I am amazed at how small this thing is. It has just arrived it weighs in at 25 grams on my digital scale. What I love about this lite/head torch is it takes only two CR2032 BATTERIES, which weigh very very little and you get 50 hours full beam or 70 hours economy. But the best thing for me is you can buy an 8 pack of lithium CR2032 batteries for 99p or a £1.00 in the cheap shops I think that is an excellent deal. I know the e lite is not going to be as bright as say the petzl tikka xp2, given the small and the light weight and the cost it is a fantastic head torch . I also like the waythe cord on the head torch auto retractsinto itself that is a very nice design feature. Included in the packaging are the cr 2032 batteriesand a small card with the lighting instructions.

Petzl e+LITE Review, A Dunn, 05/13/2013

Absolutely superb little light!

I own an older style Petzl headlamp with separate halogen and led lamps but wanted something much more compact that I could carry on me at all times whilst camping and cycle touring.

I was initially leaning towards the more powerful Tikka plus 2 or Zipka plus 2 but was put off by the fact that both those models have fixed angles of illumination and led me to look at the e+LITE.(Facewest note: The Tikka Plus 2 does have vertically adjustable light angle)

The e+LITE is angle-able in all directions thanks to a simple ball and socket joint allowing you to aim the light at it's intended subject without having to resort to using your own neck as an angle poise.

I have been extremely impressed with the light output and have found even the low power setting more than adequate for most, close quarters, after dark, camp site activity.

The retractable cord feels very strong and I have never once feared as to it's integrity. It is also so much more versatile than a standard strap as the fact that it self tensions, renders it able to be easily attached to items other than yourself. I often use it strapped around a bike bottle providing a constant illumination of the camp cook site for the benefit of three people as opposed to just mirroring my own head movements.

Allied to this and unlike several other models, the e+LITE is fully waterproof.

Another feature I really appreciate is: the pull toggle for the head strap is specifically sized to open the battery compartment; a job usually reserved for a two pence piece that ends up gnarling all the plastic edges. Not necessarily a deal clincher but nicely thought out design.

It's tiny(about the size of a tea light candle) weighs nothing and is so unobtrusive I carry it without consideration.Unless you require a higher output model for more energetic pursuits, I can't recommend this product highly enough.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Ray, 02/20/2013

I would not like to be without an emergency headtorch in my pack and have always carried a full size Petzl. It has rarely been used (hence for emergencies) but I would not like to walk without it.

As it is a relatively large item to carry I was tempted by the Petzl e+Lite but have to admit to being a bit sceptical as to its capabilities.I should not have had any doubts.

It must be the most compact headtorch on the market, weighs very little at 27g and takes up next to no room in my already loaded pack. But more to the point the light it gives out is exceptional and although the light level drops a little if it is on constantly for a long period it still performs well. I have tried it out and can confirm that it will give me all the light that I need if I am caught out after nightfall.

Also unlike the full size one I can forget about the batteries as it has a remarkable 10 year shelf life.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Chris Archer, 01/30/2013

I bought the Petzl e+Lite as an emergency spare for lightweight camping, and I think it is perfect for the job. The low power white mode is plenty for reading or use inside a tent, and the high power mode is enough for walking in reasonable conditions. The retractable head strap is comfortable because the torch is so light-weight. The direction of the light can be adjusted using the swivel mount, and turning it around completely protects the LEDs and switch when it's stored in a bag.

The e+Lite will not be powerful enough for all tasks, but for a lightweight emergency backup, or for short-range use I think it is excellent.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Sarah, 10/11/2012

The e-Lite is a well designed product, but for me of limited use. I ended up selling mine recently as although it's good at what it's designed for (a backup/camp site light). I really didn't see the point of having two head torches when one good one does the job. It's super light weight and has a great range of modes and extremely comfortable to wear. But all I used mine for was a reading light as on the trail it's of no real use. So if you are looking for a lightweight camp site light then look no further, but if you want something to work both on and off the track, look further afield!

Petzl e+LITE Review, Mark Purnell, 08/15/2012

Great compact headtorch. Purchased as a safety light to go in my touring rucksack. This is lightweight and should be used in emergencies only. If you are looking for a headtorch to use on a more regular basis I would recommend something more heavy duty but for a back up light it is perfect. 10 year guarantee on a head torch! You can't go wrong for the price, I would thoroughly recommend I have many Petzl products and if this is as reliable as the others I expect many years of use from it.

Petzl e+LITE Review, David Ramsay, 03/05/2012

I have had this little sucker for 5 years - I use it as the only torch I take into the Cairngorms on night hikes into the bothy and Howff.It has performed extremely well and I have found the lumen's sufficient to 10 meters, in snow the illumination is markedly better given the bounce off a white surface.I doubt a brighter unit would make navigation better on those trips though we knew where we were heading even across open ground.Probably not what you want for caving or climbing but a great piece of kit I now buy as presents.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Rachel Parnham, 02/07/2012
Last thing I would want in an emergency. I bought this to use as a headtorch for my ML on the light and fast principal. When in use it creates a sort of haze in your vision and the beam of light is not very good. The Tikka+ is brilliant in comparison and worth the extra weight and money.

Facewest comment: The E+lite is a super light minimalist/ emergency backup light. It is great for map reading or seeing where your feet are going, but is not comparable with the higher output designs.

Petzl e+LITE Review, matthew oldfield, 12/28/2011

Excellent little light. I purchased this primarily to run off road through our unlit local park in the depths of winter, so chose with attention to weight and versatility of fixing. This was with some trepidation as to whether the power of the light would be good enough. I need not have worried. Its extremely well made and surprisingly powerful. I haven't yet decided on the best location for it for best illumination of the trail ahead but very happy with the product.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Miles Bullock, 11/21/2011

This is an excellent piece of kit which I carry on all expeditions. I have a main light and rely on this as a back-up for emergencies. It fits easily onto kit or on your person, advantages being that it is very light, small, and comes in a small red case - which stops it getting turned on by accident and makes it rainproof. I found it very useful for a 4 month expedition to Malaysian Borneo trekking in the jungle, as the red light feature doesn't attract insects when around camp! So yes, worth the price for that piece of mind.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Tim Howes, 05/27/2011

Impressive little light for keeping in your luggage. Really compact so suitable for any trip, even if going ultra-lightweight. Inadequate light for serious navigation - wouldn't take it out as my sole light on early alpine starts. Great for lightweight duties eg on the campsite, in the hut.

Petzl e+LITE Review, david lucraft, 03/08/2011

Bought this headlamp to provide a lightweight solution to camp lighting but the power output is quite sufficient to light your way down the mountain in an emergency. You can use the headband or use the clip to attach it to the peak of your hat. Uses watch batteries but these can be purchased cheaply on the internet. Can be switched to a red light without cycling through white light thus avoiding destroying your night vision. It appears to be a little delicate and I would suggest it is stored in the plastic case supplied. Nevertheless, I would recommend it.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Owain Davies, 12/27/2010

I bought this head torch mainly for leapfrogging or boxing in the BreconBeacons. What a fantastic buy! Does the job very efficiently and the light is cracking on it as well. You buy this make and you will not be disappointed. The only let down I think is the price as I tend to buy is a bit cheaper. Nevertheless, awesome product!

Petzl e+LITE Review, chris mather, 06/18/2010

Excellent little torch. Assisting me in making the transition to the fabled 'lighter load' for hill walking. Superb design (can lose the elastic head band if counting grams and willing to don a baseball cap!)

Particularly appreciate the switch allowing you to avoid cycling through all light settings prior to 'red' to preserve that all important night vision. A good investment.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Andy Ashton, 06/14/2010
This lives in my First aid kit, or as I call it, things going wrong kit. It goes with me everywhere on the hills, and I am happy in the knowledge that should the doodoo hit the fan, I will not be in darkness. Perfect.

Petzl e+LITE Review, David Henderson, 05/02/2010
I bought this head torch to put in my camera bag in case snapping in low light situations. It takes up littler room and I like not having to think about checking batteries on every outing due to their longevity. The torch is ideal as it weighs next to nothing even if you took spare batteries. I now take it with me in preference to a larger battery headtorch when out walking, as the light emitted is easily sufficient for map reading etc when dark. It even allowed me safe passage in and out of Yodas cave in Yorkshire recently.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Mark, 03/31/2010
I bought this for the Polaris when I was carefully whittling all my kit down to the lightest items possible. However when I bought it I was very suprised at how bright it was and for nearly all my non-car based camping trips this is one of the first things packed. Small, light, compact and it works.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Danny McShane, 03/04/2010
Not only is the light good, the whole package is well thought out and versatile. The box (who else has a box?) is light, tough and functional with a moulded loop for mounting on a belt or strap on your rucksack. It has good enough seals to live in the bottom of your pack or even strapped to the outside.The elasticated headstrap is narrow and light with an adjuster to cinch round anything suitable, your wrist if you want it to. The light can also be dismounted and clipped to things on its own, a cap peak, a lapel, you name it, and it has a universal joint allowing it to swivel every which way. On your head this is weightless -if it wasn't for the fact you can see where you're going in the dark, you wouldn't know you were wearing it.The batteries are Lithium, so huge long shelf life (like 10 years or so), virtually unaffected by temperature down to -50C, and, being CR2032s even a spare pair take up no room at all. At first I thought these might be expensive to run and resisted buying an e-lite for that reason, but cheap 2032s are easily available online, often in packs of 6 or 10 for less than a supermarket pair.It would be a shame to have this quality of design only for an emergency spare, and once you have one it gets more and more use when you don't need long range lighting. It fills the indoor/tent/hut gap that the bright torches are really too bright for. But it is absolutely ideal for carrying whether you think you'll need a torch or not. Is there a weakness? Maybe the universal joint could be vulnerable to physical damage; maybe it just offers too many options and you spend too much time playing with it; the no-nonsense switch is positive and simple, but I find it needs too hands as to hold the torch steady as operate the switch, and maybe it's to easy to lose...There's nothing else really like it out there.

Petzl e+LITE Review, L Morton, 01/15/2010
Award winner and I can see why!! Tiny, bulletproof and reliable. I originally used it as a backup for my Tikka XP, but it's so versatile it's the only headtorch I carry now.
If you do a lot of night-walking you will need something more powerful, but if you make camp at dusk and stay there till dawn this is all you need. Maximum light will get you off the hill safely though, plus the red LED is perfect for reading at night.
Battery life is immense and cheap to buy and replace. Only niggle is I would have preferred a spring clip on the protective case to the belt loop one it has now.

Petzl e+LITE Review, Tobin I'Anson, 09/07/2009
Excellent head torch for the price.
I know it says 19 Lumens but boy is it bright. Very, VERY, small. Originally bought as a backup as suggested in the advert but it is now my main torch for weekend camping trips.
Red light function is really useful for the maps and it does work - no night blindness! (Yet to find a badger though!).
The description lists 5m beam after 10 hours, again i think it is better than this and am yet to change the battery after 4 weekend trips. Only down side is that it is very easily lost...

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