Petzl Oscillante


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Petzl Oscillante

Petzl Oscillante

The Oscillante or swing cheek pulley is designed for hauling and rescue use. It combines light weight, 55g, with enough strength for the job in hand. The anodized cheeks ensure that the rope will stay in position on the pulley wheel and keep friction to a minimum. For use on ropes up to 11mm. diameter. The Oscillante is ideal as part of a lightweight crevasse rescue kit.


Customer Reviews of Petzl Oscillante

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Petzl Oscillante Review, Manolis , 01/19/2015

I enjoy ski touring in the alps.I bought this item for cravace rescue.

What I really liked on the petzl oscillante is that is super light and very easy to use because of the swinging side plates.I would definitely recommend this item.Another nice Feature is that you can use a wide range of rope diameters.

Also the price is very attractive. I do not see any negatives.

Petzl Oscillante Review, Scott , 01/15/2015

Really light and easy to use piece of kit. Thankfully I haven't had to use it in a real crevasse rescue scenario but that is the reason I carry it with me at all times on glaciers. I have it on a carabiner with a prusik ready to go.

Petzl Oscillante Review, Josiah , 10/23/2014

A good quality single rope pulley. Have been using as a rudimentary means of slack tending with various friction hitches when climbing trees, and also for traversing between trees. Very reasonable cost, and you can't really go wrong with Petzl.

Petzl Oscillante Review, Iain , 09/20/2014

Bought 2 of these small pulleys to set up a weight removal system for my home hangboard. They are perfect for the job. Added bonus is that I now also have a ready to go crevasse rescue system for ski touring - pulleys are so small and light that they will easily fit in any ski tour pack where glacier travel is involved.

Petzl Oscillante Review, Chris , 07/15/2014

Recently upgraded my old BD pulley for Petzl Oscillante.Lightweight and easy to use, the swing cheek makes placing the pulley on the rope very easy.

It's also very smooth when engaged and weighted, moving over the rope.Should be on everyone's rack when planning glacier travel.

Petzl Oscillante Review, E Stephens, 12/21/2012

For the simplicity of use vs weight, this pulley is probably the best you can get. While other companies make similar pulleys at a similar price, they often feel a little more plasticky and less reassuring.

The weight of this little device is what makes it stand out, in that I would take it anywhere and use it anywhere without a thought.

I have also used this for training purposes as a pulley to take weight off myself and it works perfectly, smooth and slick.

The price is also amazing for what it offers. For simple systems and uses this is probably the best and most compact device you can find.

Petzl Oscillante Review, Espen Andersen, 03/07/2012

This is a perfect pulley for any climber/mountaineer concerned about the weight of his/her rack. The pulley really fulfills it's purpose, and accepts ropes fro 7mm to 11mm.Every member of roped parties on glaciers should consider carrying a pulley in case of emergency/crevasse rescue situations. And this one doesn't exactly weigh you down.

Petzl Oscillante Review, Nick, 10/27/2010

An essential part of glacier travel is a few pulleys, unless you're confident that your buddies can dead lift you out of that crevasse. I consider these the least costly while still effective pulley option. While Petzl makes the Ultralight Pulley, which is effectively just the center wheel of the Oscillante, I've found those to be more of a problem than a solution. With an Oscillante, you can be assured the rope with stay on the pulley and feed smoothly. They're light to boot.

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