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Mammut Barryvox S
    Mammut Barryvox S
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    The Barryvox S has an extensive range of features paired with excellent functionality with an easy to use display and controls. It is the replacement for the Barryvox Pulse which has been the industry standard top of the range transceiver used by the majority of guides and rescue services.  The focus on improving the Barryvox models has been on ease of use and simplicity in understanding what the transceiver is telling the user. Of course there is also an improvement to the technology.

    Best For:

    Any users, beginner to professional, who are looking for the best technology and multiple features/functionality in an easy to use format.

    Ease of Use

    The Barryvox S has a 2.2 inch full graphic screen which gives a clear display of the search with a menu down the side. In normal search mode it will display the distance, direction and number of received signals. The mark button is on the front of the device and is easy to operate with gloves on, it also serves as the enter button for the menu. On the side there are 2 buttons which access and control the advanced features.

    Both the Barryvox transceivers have a notably larger search range than other similar transceivers; the strip search width is given as 70m, as opposed to a more normal 30-40m, this will allow the search area to be covered more quickly than before.

    Other features on the Barryvox S include a reverse direction function which will direct you to make a 180° turn if you're consistently getting further from the target; an auto revert which will automatically switch to send from search; a Rescue-Send Mode which sets the device to neither receiver or transmit signals; if no motion is detected it will switch back to send mode; self test on startup and group test for checks at the start of the day.

    Advanced Functions

    The Auto Guidance function which reduces interruptions to searching, and the Smart Search function which reduces the fine search by optimizing the final stages of the coarse search run automatically in the background with no input from the user.

    The following features can be switched on and off as required to give a much greater control over the search:

    • Pro Search - an on/off function which tells the user to change their search strategy/pattern as the transceiver has detected other nearby signals.
    • Rescue-Send Mode - This stops the transceiver sending or receiving without switching it off. This allows a searcher to assist with a rescue without adding electronic noise to the search area. In the event of a secondary avalanche the transceiver will switch to send mode.
    • List of buried subjects - this lists the transceivers being 'seen' by the device, it also allows marking and unmarking of each one.
    • Analogue mode - no digital processing, simply gives the audio signals from the receiver, it also increases the receiving range.
    • Personalization - start screen and owner details can be customised and added to the device.
    • The auto revert feature and the display and audio guidance can be customised.
    • Vital data transmit - 3D sensor transmits information such as tiny movements and heart rate to other Barryvox devices.
    • Compatible with Lithium batteries which are more stable in low temperatures.

    If you think you won't ever use any of these functions or aren't the type of person who is prepared to test them and work out in which situations you would want to use them then the Barryvox transceiver is probably a better choice than the Barryvox S as it has the same basic functionality but without the advanced functions mentioned above.

    The Barryvox S has a 5 year warranty.

    Mammut Barryvox S Specifications

    Software Version:
    Harness & leash:
    3 x AAA (included)

    Video Content

    Pro Review

    For over a decade the Mammut Pulse has been one of the top transceivers on the market, which says a lot for its initial design. Mammut have now introduced its successor the Barryvox S. Incidentally Barry(vox) was a famous Grand St Bernard dog who rescued a lot of travellers passing over the grand St Bernard pass in old times.

    So how does this device perform...

    The Barryvox S is a sophisticated three aerial transceiver taking all the good points from the Mammut Pulse and substantially improving on them.


    • Compact size and robust build.
    • Longer range: 70m digital, 100m analogue.
    • Fast start up.
    • Analogue and digital functions. The true analogue function allows you to hear the actual signal of the buried transceiver.
    • Intuitive and simple to use, but having advanced options to personalise your preferred search interface.
    • Faster at processing the signal than the Mammut Pulse; more responsive.
    • Mark (and unmark) function for eliminating a found transceiver from the search.
    • A very clear display which is backlit when dark.
    • Auto-revert to send function (2mins or 4 mins)
    • Rescue send (doesn't transmit unless no movement detected for use if not searching in a rescue).
    • Group check mode, which can be enabled whilst being worn in its harness.
    • Pro group check mode for monitoring the signal frequency of the device being checked. Some of the older transceivers have frequency drift which could cause problems when searching.
    • Comfortable carrying harness, enabling vital data detection for triage.
    • Device update, so new firmware can be updated from one device to another.
    • Relatively light 210g incl. batteries.


    • A bit expensive.

    Should I buy?

    If I had a Mammut Pulse (or other three aerial beacon) I would stick with this for the moment, but if I had a two or one aerial beacon it would definitely be worth the upgrade. If the lifespan of the Pulse is anything to go by which was over 15 years, then the annual cost for this transceiver is well worth it for any extra purchase price.

    For those who want to economise and don't mind missing a few settings (bells and whistles) then the cheaper Mammut Barryvox might interest you, although this lacks true analogue mode which makes me want to pay the extra.

    Terry Ralphs is a director at the International School of Mountaineering. Click here for more information.

    Customer Reviews of Mammut Barryvox S

    Mammut Barryvox S Review
    Verified Buyer

    The Mammut Barryvox S is what you get when you take the best of the last generation 3 antenna transceivers, the Mammut Barryvox, and correct all the minor issues that transceiver had. The last Barryvox was a great transceiver, I had one for 6-7 years, but it had issues. Such as the processor speed which could produce a Stop message while moving quickly during a search, the LCD screen was low contrast and could blur when moved from warm (in jacket) to very cold temperatures at the start of a search (not good), it was prone to electronic interference, and would show a 457 send error in transmit mode, and finally slightly confusing button on both sides of the transceiver.

    All of these issues have been resolved on the Barryvox S, and the excellent Intelligent Fine Search from the previous model has been extended to the entire search process, giving you guidance on what you should be doing when.

    Highly recommended.

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